Their Eyes Were Watching God Ch.7-8

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Shafa Ilyas English Honors 11 September 27, 2011 Period: 1 Their Eyes Were Watching God Response Questions

Chapter 7 1. Janie reasserts herself in this chapter because she stands up for herself when Jody starts criticizing her age. Jody gets very angry and slaps her 2. The potential foreshadowing regarding Jody is that he might die because of his kidney disease. 3. The significance of the allusion is in both situations Jody and David are told what they act like to others. Chapter 8 1. The following metaphor suggests that Jody is close to death and is about to die. 2. The 3. This is situational irony because when Jody is about to die Janie finally speak up, she finally says what she has been holding in all her life, and then after she states this Jody dies.