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THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD!!! Natasha Goffe Chenelle Stokes Phillisa Matthews Dominique Ruffin Dominique Halton

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THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD!!!Natasha GoffeChenelle StokesPhillisa MatthewsDominique RuffinDominique HaltonSetting

Eatonville, Florida Rural FloridaEverglades Pear tree -where she kissed Johnny TaylorTakes place over a Fifty year span in the 1900sPalm bay, -When she moved with Joe Starks -Where she grew up as a childCharacters *Janie Teacake *Joe Starks Grand mom Logan Killicks

Janie WeaknessesVulnerableLove

Strengths-She was a hard working person- PerseveranceConflict:Janie had three husbands and still didnt find her true loveJoe Starks (Jody)WeaknessesOver RulingCocky

StrengthsSelf- reliantAmbitious

PlotExposition:Janie Crawford is a middle aged black woman who returns to Eatonville, Florida, after a long time. The town people gossiped about her and what happened to her young husband. Janies close friend Pheoby sticks up for her.

Rising Action:Janie was raised by her grandmother because her mom was raped. After Janie was born her mother started drinking and left her with her grandmother. Janie use to think that she was white because the white people her grandmother was working for. The people she worked for sent little Janie to school and kept her look represent able. One day Janie found out she was different because of the picture she saw that was taken by a gentleman. Grand mom wanted Janie well taken care of so she had Janie marry off to Logan Killicks. Janie ended up leaving Logan because he wasnt treating her like a queen. She ended up marrying Joe. Joe made her feel low and worthless. Later on he died and Janie falls in love with this young man named Tea Cake.

Climax:Janies life with Tea Cake started to get out of control. One day there was an hurricane and Tea cake got bit by a rabbie dog while he was trying to save Janies life. But Janie ended up killing him to save her life.

Falling action:Janie ends up moving back to Eatonville, Florida by herself in the house where her ex husband Jody and herself use to live.

Resolution:Janie realized that she is better off by herself because all of her bad experiences with men/her husbands. Janie was never in control of her relationshipsthe men were!


When I first read this book and began to understand the concept I immediately thought of this book I read called Fixin Tyrone. I thought that the part of her having two men in her life was kind of the same as Janie having two men in her life. Something else that came to my mind was how she and two of her men relate to Janie and two of the men in her life.

Janie:Hardworking, helped out all of the men in her lifeVery prettyA lot of men wanted herMia: hardworking, a very successful womanVery prettyA lot of men wanted herMia knew what she wanted when it came to love but Janie didntRelationsTyrone He was a drug dealer and got locked up for itMia knew about this, she wanted him to stop what he was doing but he got out and continued to sell drugsHe was in love with her so muchTea cakeHad a gambling problemJanie didnt know that he had this problem until he stole money from her and told herHe was very much in love with Janie Both Tea Cake and Tyrone kept deep secrets from the ones that they loved RelationsMr. MonitouWas Mias bossHe was very successful in what he wanted to accomplish in his lifeMr. Monitou had a lot of moneyWanted to be with MiaJoe StarksWas some man that Janie metAsked her to come with himHad a lot of moneyBoth Joe Starks and Mr. Manitou were men of their words. They also knew what they wanted in life. The difference with the two women was that Janie really liked Joe, but Mia didnt like Mr. Manitou the way he liked her.