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<ul><li><p>8/2/2019 Thinfilm Whitepaper Toys and Games</p><p> 1/4</p><p>Interactive Toys and Games</p><p>Powered by Thinlm MemoryThinlm bridges the gap. From classic toys and cards to electronic and online</p><p>experiences. Monetize online properties with rewritable value cards and</p><p>playground-ready handheld consoles.</p><p>As children move from classic toys and</p><p>collectable card games to electronic andonline experiences at younger ages, there</p><p>is a need to bridge the gap between these</p><p>two worlds, and help children continue to</p><p>enjoy playground-ready toys and games</p><p>by creating a compelling interactive</p><p>experience that leverages their online</p><p>experience.</p><p>Thinlm has developed a rewritable memory</p><p>label that can be attached to cards, toys,and in other at or smoothly curved surfaces.</p><p>With a Thinlm memory, these toys and</p><p>collectable cards become programmable</p><p>by the child and can contain personalized</p><p>names, unique combinations of character</p><p>characteristics or properties, and personal</p><p>items.</p><p>Each memory contains twenty bits of data,</p><p>which corresponds to a table with over amillion rows of yes/no values, and can be read</p><p>by a low-cost reader/writer that is available</p><p>either as a stand-alone handheld device,</p><p>or as components that can be integrated</p><p>into a gurine base, board game console,</p><p>or other compact holder. Pressureless</p><p>contacting is assured by use of</p><p>z-strips, and the read/write operation</p><p>occurs in less than a second, nearly</p><p>instantatneously.</p><p>Thinlm bridges the gap between online gaming and schoolground-ready play on handheld readers.</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 Thinfilm Whitepaper Toys and Games</p><p> 2/4</p><p>Personalization and Skill BuildingThe types of games that can be made interactive include all types</p><p>of building games, fantasy character role playing, transactional</p><p>games such as food markets, shopping sprees, and clothing</p><p>assembly games.</p><p>Each child can pick a character or avatar, either as a card or</p><p>gurine, and with the enclosed memory, customize the gure</p><p>to reect their creativity and individuality. When placed into the</p><p>reader-holder, the character comes alive with the selections</p><p>made at the previous session, having stored state-of-play and</p><p>experience levels.</p><p>For educational toys and games that develop skill sets as the</p><p>child keeps playing, the memory can select the appropriate level</p><p>automat-ically depending on the outcome of the previous game orthe status of the character selected. Strong characters or children</p><p>whose ava-tars display high skill can then automatically nd the</p><p>game to be more challenging and engaging, as their skill develops</p><p>further. Problem solving never becomes too difcult or easy, and</p><p>the game natu-rally evolves, thanks to the rewritable memory.</p><p>By combining a game with a collectable set of icons, gures,</p><p>or cards, the possibility to maintain the childs interest grows,</p><p>and the opportunity to extend the game to new worlds and new</p><p>characters becomes natural.</p><p>The old story that the toy rarely keeps a childs interest is</p><p>primarily true when the toy is seen as static and unchanging.</p><p>By adding a dimension of interactivity and by imbuing the smart</p><p>gure with unique personality traits, that can forever change with</p><p>the mood and developing tastes of the child, their level of interest</p><p>is maintained and the game becomes stepping-stone to the more</p><p>abstract world of online games.</p><p>Online games for ChildrenOne of the challenges in providing safe and interesting gaming</p><p>experiences for children is the difculty of nancing the</p><p>development of online properties that are sufciently interesting</p><p>and engaging. Monetizing directly by marketing to</p><p>children through advertising is being discouraged,</p><p>and the use of money equivalents is only available</p><p>if the child has a supervising parent with a credit</p><p>card or cellphone account. Asking children to</p><p>charge their play to their own cellphones is rarelyan option for the younger age groups, and in many</p><p>localities, such charges can often be reversed later.</p><p>Cards or fgurineswith rewriteablememory:</p><p>Collectable</p><p>u Customize the gure</p><p>to reect creativity and</p><p>individuality</p><p>Evolvable</p><p>u Characteristics stored</p><p>and updated</p><p>u Skill sets develop as the</p><p>child keeps playing</p><p>TECHNOLOGY</p><p>DEMONSTRATOR:</p><p>The OBA game</p><p>demonstrates Thinlms</p><p>rewriteable memories for</p><p>interactive toys and games.</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 Thinfilm Whitepaper Toys and Games</p><p> 3/4</p><p>A more appealing alternative is to use traditional channels,</p><p>including bricks-and-mortar toy stores, to monetize online</p><p>properties and character sets, by using memory-enhanced</p><p>gures and cards to act as a bridge between online gaming</p><p>and schoolground-ready play on handheld readers. Thinlm</p><p>memories can easily be read by both a game console and</p><p>connected either to a PC or cellphone through conventional usb</p><p>interfaces and dedicated adapters.</p><p>The console or reader thus acts as a bridge or connector</p><p>between the online game and a downloadable version that</p><p>can be played on the hand-held when not online. As children</p><p>in the six-eight age range usually have limits on their PC time,</p><p>and are constrained to use free games, this provides a good</p><p>alternative a set of collectable gures, cards, or plastic tags</p><p>that can store game status and transfer them to backyard play.</p><p>Stored-value vs. stored-choicesTodays rewritable memory is a perfect solution when combining</p><p>storage of game play and choices by the player, and has</p><p>an attractive system cost compared to other technologies</p><p>available. Each memory is only a few pennies in cost, and can</p><p>store signicant units of value.</p><p>The same value card you buy in the store can open new game</p><p>levels and later be rewritten to document progress attained andpersonalization settings.</p><p>How it worksEach plastic tag contains 20 bits of memory. Think of this as</p><p>twenty toggles that are either pointing up or down, and during</p><p>the process of reading these are lined up in the direction</p><p>chosen by the game or by the child. The memory itself is made</p><p>of a Teon-like material that is completely safe and meets</p><p>EN72-3 standards. The manufacture of these memories is doneby conventional printing, and compared to the manufacturing of</p><p>semiconductor chips is extremely environmentally benign. Each</p><p>print run can create millions of memory die, so the opportunities</p><p>are limitless.</p><p>Over time, especially with the advent of cellphones that can</p><p>communicate with memory tags remotely, we will likely see</p><p>billions of these memories in our everyday world, tagging our</p><p>clothing, sensing and interpreting the world around us, and</p><p>providing local storage of discrete amounts of information ineveryday items, including toys and games. The interactive age</p><p>is upon us physical objects will soon all possess a digital</p><p>signature.</p><p>Thinflm Console:</p><p>The OBA game includes a</p><p>handheld game console</p><p>that accesses the Thinlm</p><p>Memory cards and plays</p><p>the game.</p><p>Monetize online</p><p>properties and character</p><p>sets:</p><p>u Connect the online</p><p>world to the playground</p><p>with memory-enhanced</p><p>gures and cards</p><p>u The Thinlm consoleor a simple Thinlm</p><p>reader act as the</p><p>bridge</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 Thinfilm Whitepaper Toys and Games</p><p> 4/4</p><p>To demonstrate the ease of use of Thinlm</p><p>memories, a demo game called OBA has</p><p>been created, and a Toy Development Kit</p><p>is available for rapid prototyping of card-</p><p>based games or other play modalities.</p><p>OBA reference gameThe OBA game demonstrates Thinlms rewriteable memories</p><p>for interactive toys and games. Through the game levels you</p><p>evolve the Oba inhabitants and mature their capabilities and</p><p>powers. The goal is to save the dying Oba Solar Systems.</p><p>Interactive: The low cost printed memory allows saving of</p><p>status, scores, and avatar personalities in a playground-ready</p><p>interactive hand-held game for kids 5-8.</p><p>Cost eective: Thinlms unique memory technology cost</p><p>effectively connects the playground to the online world and</p><p>powers interactivity that has so far been restricted to online</p><p>games.</p><p>Thinlm Toy Development KitThe Thinlm Toy Development Kit includes the tools needed</p><p>to de-sign interactive toys and games: A handheld console for</p><p>Thinlm MemoryTM with printed 20-bit cards and memory</p><p>labels that allow developers to test how re-writability improves</p><p>interactivity, and design their own graphics, animation, and</p><p>game play in a General Plus programming environment.</p><p>The kit contains:</p><p> 8 samples of 17-20-</p><p>bits Thinlm Memory,</p><p>laminated on card, plus 12Thinlm Memory labels.</p><p> A Thinlm console with</p><p>color LCD screen and</p><p>USB connection for easy</p><p>software (game and HW</p><p>control) download.</p><p> An embedded technology</p><p>demonstration reference</p><p>game.</p><p> 3 samples of the Thinlm</p><p>Memory ControllerTM,</p><p>an application-specicintegrated circuit (ASIC).</p><p> An Instruction Manual</p><p>includ-ing instructions on</p><p>how to develop your own</p><p>software and instructions</p><p>for registering with General</p><p>Plus.</p><p>Thin Film Electronics ABWestmansgatan 27</p><p>SE-582 16 Linkoping</p><p>Sweden</p><p>Thin Film Electronics ASAHenrik Ibsensgate 100</p><p>NO-0255 Oslo</p><p>Norway</p><p> |</p><p>Save the Oba</p><p>Solar System</p><p>Evolve the Oba</p><p>inhabitants and</p><p>reignite the</p><p>futureA playground-ready</p><p>reference game</p><p>powered by</p><p>Thinlm MemoryTM</p></li></ul>