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  • 7/25/2019 things do and dont in interview


    Saturday, 25 June, 2016

    Personal Interview

    20 tips of Personal Interview -

    1. 10 seconds to sell or say so long (10 X 10 X 10 Rules) use 1stten second, 1st tensteps & 1stten words to impress the interviewer.

    2. Be on tie - There is no excuse for it, none! You don't want a pissed o personinterviewing you. eave extra eary, do whatever it ta"es. #aming it on tra$c or anythingese doesn't matter %even if it's true.

    . !ell p"one o# - ()vious )ut easiy forgotten, at east it was with 2 of the peopeinterviewed. *ou)e and tripe chec" to ma"e sure your ce phone is turned o.

    +. $on%t forget to &reet ' Bid a farewell - use wecome greetings i"e good morning- orgood afternoon- or good evening- at the start & )efore eaving use a farewe i"e have agood day- or good night-.

    . now t"e copany and w"y you want to wor t"ere - /ooge the company you'reinterviewing for. earn as much as you can a)out the company's mission, o)0ectives, goas,and future pans. f you're as"ed why you want to wor" for the company, you )est answersomething )etter then, i"e the company's ocation, which was said.

    3. Bring resues - Your interviewer%s wi i"ey have a copy of your resume )ut )ringspares. t shows you're prepared and serious a)out getting the 0o).

    4. Bring a notepad - 5ery few peope )ring a notepad with them to a 0o) interview. t's a verysu)te thing that ma"es you stand out. Ta"e notes when appropriate.

    6. $ress in a clean conservative anner - 7a"e sure you go into a 0o) interview having

    showered and wearing cean cothes. *o not use any strong perfume.

    8. $on*t ae +oes -Too many peope thin" they are funny when in reaity they're not. 9 0o)interview isn't the pace to test your materia. #e friendy and outgoing, save the 0o"es.

    1:.$on*t ,a,,le - ;hen answering a

  • 7/25/2019 things do and dont in interview


    Saturday, 25 June, 2016

    1.ave good eye contacts - @taring at the =oor, ceiing, or wa when spea"ing or isteningma"es you appear disinterested. 9gain, simpe and o)vious )ut happens way more thenyou'd thin".

    13.ave goals - 7ay)e you don't have any idea where you want to )e in a few yearsprofessionay )ut ?gure out something to say. f you don't and you're as"ed, you appear unDam)itious, which eads an interviewer to thin" you'd )e a aEy empoyee.

    14.ave accoplis"ents - #e prepared to ta" a)out something that you're proud ofaccompishing, whether professionay or personay %or a faiure and what you earned fromit.

    16.ave passions - #e a)e to express why you want to wor" in that ?edFindustry and whatyou do to further your "nowedge %)oo"s, )ogs you read. The more inteigent or informedyou are the more impressive you' oo".

    18.s uestions - 9t the end of the 0o) interview ma"e sure you have some oud you expain your organiEationastructureG

    4. Aow many peope wor" in thiso$ceFdepartmentG

    6. Aow much trave is expectedG8. ;hatHs the ma"eup of the team as far as

    experienceG1:.;ith whom wi )e wor"ing most coseyG11.;hy do you en0oy wor"ing for this

    2 Training & Learning Guide | @ugata

    >howdhuri B Cersona nterview B 5ersion2.::

  • 7/25/2019 things do and dont in interview


    Saturday, 25 June, 2016

    8. Aow do you hande changeG

    1:.#rie=y, descri)e your idea 0o)G

    11.;hat ma"es you want to wor" hardG

    12.Aow woud your friends descri)e youG

    1.;hat motivates youG

    1+.Te me a)out your saary expectations.

    Interview Preparation rea 64

    3ituational Interview uestion

    1. f you found out an empoyee was steaingfrom the )usiness how woud you approachthis empoyeeG

    2. ;hat woud you do if your supervisor as"edyou to do something that you fet wasunethicaG

    . magine you have a deadine and you arerunning out of time. ;hat woud you doG

    +. Aow woud you hande an empoyee that isdisrupting the wor" environmentG

    . n a position of management, how woud

    you hande a heavy wor"oad if you wereshort staedG

    companyG12.>an you descri)e the companyHs

    management styeG1.;hat woud )e the goas of the department

    in the coming yearG1+.;hat are the traits and s"is of peope who

    are the most successfu within theorganiEationG

    Below are 5uestions you ay not want toas t"e Interviewer41. Aow many sic" days and hoiday days do

    getG2. *o sti get paid for a sic" dayG. f start next wee" how ong unti wi get a

    pay riseG+. Aow ong is the unch )rea"G. ;hat is it that your company doesG3. 9re the wor"ing hours =exi)eG4. 9m a)e to have my own o$ceG

    6. ;ho are the cooest- peope on my teamG8. Aow many warnings do you get )efore youare ?redG

    1:.9re there many coee shops cose )yG11.Aow ?nanciay sound is this companyG12.;hat are your strengths and wea"nessesG1.;i )e given an empoyee hand)oo"G178 ;hat is the company poicy on internet

    useG1.>an use Iace)oo"G

    Interview Preparation rea 74

    Be"avioural 5uestion

    1. *escri)e a time when you were faced with astressfu situation and how you overcame thesituation

    2. Te me a)out a di$cut decision youHve

    23.Te me a)out a time when you had to sovea pro)em with very itte guidance ordirection

    24.Te us a)out a time that you were a)e toadapt to a cuturay dierent environment

    26./ive an exampe of a situation that you havegone out of your way to ma"e someone feecomforta)e in the professiona environment

    3 Training & Learning Guide | @ugata

    >howdhuri B Cersona nterview B 5ersion2.::

  • 7/25/2019 things do and dont in interview


    Saturday, 25 June, 2016

    made in the ast year. /ive an exampe of a time when a pro0ect

    you were on faied+. Te me a)out a situation where you have had

    to spea" with an unhappy customer F friend Fteacher

    . /ive me an exampe of a time when youmotivated others and how this ed to apositive outcome

    3. /ive an exampe of a goa you set and howyou reached it

    4. *escri)e a decision you made that wasunpopuar with your friends and how youhanded this

    6. *escri)e a situation in which you were a)eto use negotiation to successfuy change apersonHs opinion

    8. *escri)e an instance when you had to thin"on your feet to ma"e a spit second decision

    1:.*escri)e a situation where you "new yourteacher wrong J how did you hande itG

    11./ive an exampe of a time when you usedgood 0udgment in soving a pro)em

    12.*escri)e a ma0or change or ad0ustment toyour institution and your reactions to thechange

    1.*escri)e a situation you were forced toad0ust to the changes J how did you handethe situationG

    1+.*escri)e a time when you were a)e toeectivey communicate an error to yourteacher

    1.Te me a)out a time when you encountered

    con=ict in the institution and how did youhanded the con=ictG13.;hat was your most di$cut decision in the

    ast 3 monthsG ;hat made it di$cutG14.Crovide an exampe of when you had to go

    a)ove and )eyond your norma duties inorder to get the 0o)

    16.Te me a)out a time when your "nowedge ors"is signi?canty enhanced an outcome ordecision

    18.Crovide an exampe of a pro)em you hadwith a friend or teacher and how youresoved it

    2:.Crovide an exampe of a time when you fetyou were a)e to motivate

    21./ive an exampe of a pressure situation youfaced and how you reacted to the pressure

    22.*escri)e a time when you put the needs ofyour cassmates )efore your own whencompeting a tas"

    2.Te me a)out a time when you weresuccessfu in a team environment

    2+.*escri)e a situation when you were a)e to

    28.*escri)e a team experience you foundrewarding

    :.Te us a)out the most eective contri)utionyou have made as part of a tas" group orspecia pro0ect team

    1.*escri)e a team experience you founddisappointing

    2.Kxpain a compex pro)em you recentyencountered

    .;hat was the most stressfu situation youhave facedG Aow did you dea with itG

    +.Aave you ever had di$cuty getting othersto accept your ideasG ;hat was youapproachG

    .Aave you ever had to dea with con=ictingdeadinesG Aow did you decide which tas" tocompeteG

    3.Te me a)out a time when you wentovertime on a deadine

    4.;hat have you done in the past tocontri)ute toward a teamwor" environmentG

    6.Crovide an exampe of an annoying ounpopuar cassmate and how you dea withthat person

    8.*escri)e a time where you had to deegatetas"s

    +:.*escri)e a time where you were wrong inyour decision ma"ing J what did you do to?x it

    +1.Crovide an exampe of how you were a)e topromote morae

    +2.Crovide an exampe where you were unsurewhat to do )ut afraid to as" for guidance

    +./ive an exampe of when you had to usedierent management styes for dierentpeope

    ++.;hat is the )iggest contri)ution you madein your current roeG

    +.;hat are you most proud of in your wor"ingcareerG

    +3.*iscuss a set)ac" you have overcome in theast 12 months

    +4.Aave you ever had to go the extra mie- fora friendG ;hat did you doG

    +6.;hen was the ast time a teacher gave youconstructive criticism J how did you reactG

    +8./ive me an exampe of a time when you fetthat someone wasnHt )eing honest with youin the professiona ?ed and how did youconfront it

    :.Te me of a situation where you facedcon=ict )etween persona & professiona ifeand how did you overcome it

    4 Training & Learning Guide | @ugata

    >howdhuri B Cersona nterview B 5ersion2.::

  • 7/25/2019 things do and dont in interview


  • 7/25/2019 things do and dont in interview


    Saturday, 25 June, 2016



    do here)y decare that a the information is given a)ove is true to )est of my"nowedge.

    Cace N*ate N @ignature

    6 Training & Learning Guide | @ugata

    >howdhuri B Cersona nterview B 5ersion2.::