Things Not To Do In PowerPoint

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Things Not To Do In PowerPoint. By Mr. Williams. Too Much Text. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Things Not To Do In PowerPointByMr. Williams

  • Too Much Text Powerpoint was originally designed as a presentation program. Therefore, it is not intended to be used as a note card for your presentations. Speakers should not place the entire script of what they are going to say onto powerpoint slides. Also, speakers should not read directly from their slides. The slides are intended to serve as a visual aid to the audience. The presentor should direct his/her attention towards the audience. Speakers should use clear concise bullet points that outline the main concepts of their presentation. It is important to keep the audience in mind when creating a powerpoint presentation. You do not want to lose the attention of your audience with an overabundance of text.

    Use Clear and Concise Points

  • Font and Size FrenzinessToo Many Fonts Annoy The AudienceToo Many Sizes Annoy The Audience

    Follow The Rule Of Two

  • Missing The PointA bullet point is a typographical symbol used to introduce items. It is intended to bring Attention to key concepts or ideas.

    They Should be used Sparingly andconsistentlyon the slides.

    Use The 6 X 6 Rule

  • Color SchemesDont Do Dark On Dark

  • Color SchemesOr Light On Light

  • Clip ArtAvoid It


    Lacks professionalism

    Undermines the presentation

    Use Photoshop or Digital Images

  • SoundsPeople came for the content of the speechNot the bells and whistlesUtlilize only if it adds to the delivery

  • Animation CarnationThe slides themselves werenever Meant To BeThe star of the show.People came tohear you and bemoved or informedby your messageDont let your messageget derailed by slidesthat are over animated or full of junk