Things to consider before buying or purchasing a franking machine

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  1. 1. Things to Consider before buying or purchasing a franking machineWhen you are running a business that is requiring volumes of mails to be sent everyday, the need for afranking device will definitely solve the tedious process. A mail franking device saves a lot of your timeand effort in the procedure as you dont need to sort, weigh and stamp your mails.They are cost-effective solution to your mail requirements. It has the capacity to weigh any mailregardless of size and can accommodate small to large letters. These machines record the actual weightof the mails that you are sending thus giving you the information to keep track of your mail expenditures.Is it better to rent or to buy a franking machine?There are bunch of UK companies that are selling frank mail devices that are ready to give you a licensein franking. You dont need any added payment except for the machine, labels and inks. If yourcompany doesnt allow a budget for purchasing one, then renting would be a better option.If you decide to rent a device then you need to consider the rental fee per month. But since Royal mailprovides significant discounts franking is still considerably cheaper when compared with conventionalmailing.In April 2012, Royal Mail has announced a significant increase of postal rates of 60 p for 1 st class lettersand 50 p for second class mails. With franking, you get more benefits as you actually get savings of upto 16 p for first class and 19 p for second class mails.How much does franking device costs?Franking Machine Prices vary depending on the model and capacity of the equipment that youpurchase. It is best if you compare prices among the many franking machine companies to get thelowest cost. You can request for a price quote for rental or purchase.If you want to buy a new franking mail system, you can buy it on a few hundred pounds. If you want tolease it usually would cost you a few pounds per week for low volume and increases as you also increasethe volume of your device.Leasing can be more affordable only on a regular basis, but the disadvantage is that you still dont ownthe unit. It is better to determine your application and consider your requirements to minimize yourexpenses.What other additional costs are included?If you are considering a postage machine for your organisation, the initial cost of the device is not theonly thing to be considered. As part of its protection, you also need to be ready for maintenance fee and
  2. 2. consumable expenses. Maintenance can add more or less hundred pounds to your total contract. Acartridge can cost approximately thirty and seventy pounds for a low volume device.