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  • 1. District Rotaract Council 12-13 Presents Annual District Rotaract ConferenceRtr. PP. Afser Ali Rtr. Deepak Chandrasekharan Rtr. PP. Ramkumar Raju Rtr. Tarun Murugesh DRR DRS THINK! Chairman THINK! Secretary
  • 2. THINK! Updates REGISTRATION DEADLINE - 31/12/12The THINK! Core team had zeroed in on 31 st December, the last day of 2012 tobe the deadline for registrations to focus on other committees in ensuring thatthere is no last minute preparation done before the Conference. The formshave been collected from Presidents of various clubs and the final count isexpected to be out by the first week of January 2013
  • 3. Name n Win
  • 4. THINK! Updates THINK! NEWSLETTER 2ND ISSUEThe 2nd newsletter leading up to THINK! District Rotaract Conference waslaunched on December 16th during the 12th District Rotaract Council Meetingheld at Jeevan Jothi Hall, Egmore.The launch was done by Chairman of the Editorial Board Rtr. Rashmi andConference Chairman Rtr. Ramkumar Raju in the presence of District RotaractRepresentative Rtr. Afser Ali
  • 5. THINK! Updates EXAMPLE TO YOUTH AWARDThe example to youth award is instituted to a person who has proved to be an exampleto the youth by means of their service to the community through professional prowessand personal commitment. This is a very special award that is given to an individualwho has inspired a generation of youngsters and has been responsible in changing livesof todays youth. The past recipients of this award have been illustrious personalities indifferent fields of work showcasing passion, dedication and commitment in whateverthey do.
  • 6. Example To Youth AwardHaving been synonymous with some of the biggest names in the country, the Example toYouth Award is perhaps one such award that requires a constant raise of the bar thatwould ensure that the award retains its value.This year, after a lot of rallying and communication by the Programs Committee andAdministration Committee, K.Vijay Kumar, Senior Security Adviser in Home Ministry,IPS Officer has consented to be the ETYA recipient presented by the District RotaractCouncil during the Annual District Rotaract Conference THINK!
  • 7. THINK! Updates YOUNG ACHIEVER AWARDThis year, for the first time, the YOUNG ACHIEVER Award has beenconceptualized by the THINK! Team to recognize the talents of young andbudding minds in the country, encouraging them to aim for the sky.Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran, popularly known as the WORLDSYOUNGEST CEOs have agreed to receive this award and deliver a smallpresentation on their inspiring life story.
  • 8. THINK! Updates SPEAKERSThe Conference is an ideal platform for speakers to come and express theirviews in front of a youthful crowd consisting of both college students andworking professionals.Arunachalam Muruganantesham, who has revolutionized the manufacturing ofSanitary Napkins in the country, has agreed to deliver a speech on how hisurge to learn has helped him in creating thousands of job opportunities forwomen all across India.
  • 9. THINK! Updates CREATE!CREATE! is being planned on the last week of January as the ideal prelude tothe Entertainment that will be witnessed during THINK! The Create team hasbeen finalized and work is on progress to chalk out the events and venue. Thetop performers at CREATE! will have an opportunity to perform at the THINK!Conference in front of a lively audience at Chettinad Vidyashram SchoolAuditorium.