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This Is Who We Are!. Defining Your Brand Identity Interdistrict Membership Seminar June 26, 2005. Food for Thought. Products are created in the factory. Brands are created in the mind. Walter Landor, founder, Landor Associates. What Business Are You In?. What do you stand for? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • This Is Who We Are!Defining Your Brand IdentityInterdistrict Membership SeminarJune 26, 2005

  • Food for Thought Products are created in the factory. Brands are created in the mind. Walter Landor, founder, Landor Associates

  • What Business Are You In?What do you stand for?How do you communicate that to the rest of the world?

  • What Is Branding?Branding conjures up the image of a ranch logo!Corporations & organizations also brand their goods & services

  • A PromiseYour brand is the promise you make about your work---a guarantee of qualityAs with any promise, it implies a relationship (between you & your potential audiences)It tells what to expect

  • Brands Must BeConsistentRelativeDistinctive

  • Defining Your Brand MeansBeing clear about who you are, where you want to go, how youre going to get there, & with whomIt means being direct about attracting those who will value your workYou have the power to define yourself to the world

  • Your Core EssenceZonta Improving the Status of WomenHow do you do it in your community?What makes you different than other service organizations?

  • Position Your ClubIn shaping your message you need to understand four things about your club:What you doWho your target audience isWho your competition isHow the community benefits from your work

  • Explaining ZontaFounded in 1919, Zonta International is a global service organization of executives in business and the professions working together, across political and social boundaries, to advance the status of women worldwide.Zonta International members volunteer their time, talents and money tolocal and international service programs, as well as scholarship and award programs aimed at furthering women's education, leadership and youth development.

  • Elevator SpeechThe Zonta Club of Any City is part of Zonta InternationalZonta International is a worldwide service organization of executives in business and the professions working together to advance the status of women. Nearly 33,000 individuals are members of more than1,200 Zonta Clubs in 67 countriesand geographic areas

  • HowZontians volunteer their time, talents and energy to local & internationalservice programs and projects aimed at advancing the status of women worldwide. InternationallyLocally

  • Your Brand Is a PersonalityEach club has a distinctive personalityClub exerciseBrainstorm a list of adjectives that describe that personalityBoil the list down to 10Then down to 2 or 3

  • Consistency of MessageYour brand must be consistent and clearIf you know who you are, what you want, and why you want it, you bring focus to your actionAsk why!Repeat, repeat, and repeat

  • RelativeWho is your intended audience?Why should they care about Zonta?What do they need to hear about Zonta?What are we trying to sell?

  • DistinctiveUnderstand the benefits we bring to the marketplaceWhat are the benefits of joining and supporting Zonta?How do we share that information

  • Mission-drivenFocus on the missionService sellsConsistency is a plus

  • How To Brand Your ClubService ProjectsPublic RelationsConsistent use of the logo

  • Logo

    A logo is the point of entry to the brand.Milton Glasser, designer

  • Zonta International Tools

    Check the website for samples and policies on the correct logo

  • More ToolsFor local club useMore resources available on the web site

  • Even More ToolsNewsletterWeb siteDisplaysPublic Relations VehiclesNews ReleasesContent Experts

  • AndAny damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes genius, faith, and perseverance to create a brand.David Ogilvy, famous ad legend

  • For More InformationKaren A. Macier607.844.8222, x 4366 (work)

    Are you a manufacturer? Do you perform a service? Are you and employer? Do you know what you are? And, how do you communicate that core essence to the rest of your community? Defining your identity is at the heart of branding.

    Branding offers a coherent methodology for creating or refreshing your identity and to differentiate your work from the rest of the crowd.The brand is a permanent visual mark that identifies one cow from another!

    As products in the marketplace have proliferated like cattle on a ranch, coproations felt the same need to brand their goods and services to make them instantly identifiable, and whats more desirable. Today most products and services are brought, not sold, write Al and Laura Ries in The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding. And branding greatly facilitates this process. Branding pre-sells the product or service to the user. Branding is simply a more efficient way to sell things.A brand tells your customers how you are relevant to their lives, and how you are different from other service companies. In short, a brand suggests to the world how to perceive your work before theyve even experienced it for themselves andeven moreprompts them to want to experience it for themselves.When a brand is consistent, relative, and distinctive, it will accomplish three things: differentiation, audience preference, and premium price.By branding you create your own self-fulfilling prophecy.Amelia Earhart FellowshipsJane M. Klausman Women in Business ScholarshipsYoung Women in Public Affairs AwardsThe adjectives should be descriptive, metaphorical, or evocative. Avoid cliches like innovative, high-energy, and quality.ZONTA CLUB OF ALBANYS HOMELESS PROJECTThe Zonta Club of Albany began over a year ago to address WHAT DO WE DO TO HELP THE HOMELESS IN THE ALBANY AREA?Through the Status of Women Committee, we had an Inter-City Meeting featuring a panel discussion, which included the Director of Catholic Charities and the directors of two homeless shelters in the city. The fourth panelist was our club president, Helen LewisThis meeting began the process in determining what was needed.One of our members is an active church Elder in the Westminster Presbyterian Church, which feeds many homeless in the city each week. We have partnered with the church and two homeless shelters, where we have a party every other month on Sunday afternoon for the children primarily. The Church hosts the party on the months that we do not. We are trying to find another partner so that we might have fewer party commitments. The children suffer the most in the homeless problem.Zonta has to partner with other organizations to be successful in a major cause. This can be done by meeting with other local not-for-profit groups in a Getting to Know You night (Albany has developed an attractive brochure for distribution)It is possible that the organizations that we may partner with are able to get better press coverage than Zontaso we probably ride their coattails in this respect.


    Clubs and districts are encouraged to use the Zonta Club and Zonta District logos designed to retain the identity of Zonta International. Sample business card layoutsSample letterhead


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