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Three Sheets Social Media Success Story. Social Media Success Three Sheets. In Less Than 6 Months 25,587 Facebook Fans 5,288 Twitter Followers After our 1 st Twitter Trivia Contest our fans DOUBLED in 1 day! We not only have fans but fans who engage with the brand! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Three Sheets Social Media Success Story

In Less Than 6 Months25,587 Facebook Fans5,288 Twitter Followers

After our 1st Twitter Trivia Contest our fans DOUBLED in 1 day!

We not only have fans but fans who engage with the brand!Our Twitter contest garnered over 100 @replies in minutesOur Facebook challenges produced over 350 photo submissions in 2 days

Social Media Success Three Sheets

2Unsubscribe Rate - MinimalDue to targeted messaging & careful use of updates, the unsubscribe rate has been extremely low in comparison to other brands.

(Unsubscribe rate less than 5% compared to others averaging 20%+)

3Using Social Media to Promote Website

When announced we had approximately 30,000 fans.

After announced we received 15,000 entries which required effort on the part of the user giving personal information on

Thats engagement of 50%

20,000 Visits to FLN.comSmart Advertising on Minimal Budget5 Weeks (Friday-Mondays) of Facebook Ad buys at just $1,000 per week.

Facebook offers granular marketing opportunities which we took advantage of.

Targeting on this campaign also included:People living in the United StatesAge 21 and olderPeople not already connected to the Fan Page

Ex. Hawaii Episode Targeted Facebook users who listed cocktail keywords in their interests to become fans of Three Sheets while promoting Tune-In Monday

Results of Facebook Advertising

Average 17% lift per week in Fan Base

With Each week we saw increases in: Click-Through Rate Action Rates

Decreases in: Average cost-per-click Cost per AcquisitionSolid results with a budget of less than $5K!!!Twitter Philosophy PleepleusPurpose: Interact with previous fan base & recruit new fans

Tone: Cocky, Snarky, Cutzy, Innocent, Funny, Sarcasm, Drinker, Social

Topics: Drinks, Travel, Responding to Followers @ replies

Interaction: Encourage interaction with fans using Photos, Video, Contests & General Conversation

Its not simply about followers but followers who engage with you:

Important TakeawaysDont use social media simply to promote tune-inUse a tone of an actual person not a corporationDont overwhelm audience with too many messagesEncourage audience to engage via contests & feedbackTest various messaging & days/timesLeverage the level of granularity that Facebook offers for advertisersTalk to enthusiastic fan base across various platforms