Thursday, Dec. 5 th : “A” Day Friday, Dec. 6 th : “B” Day Agenda

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Thursday, Dec. 5 th : A Day Friday, Dec. 6 th : B Day Agenda. Homework Questions/Problems (pg. 405: #1-5) Check lab write-ups Lab discussion/safety items Conduct lab: Energy and Entropy: Phase Changes Lab will be due next time **What Would Life Be Like? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Thursday, Dec. 5th: A DayFriday, Dec. 6th: B DayAgendaHomework Questions/Problems (pg. 405: #1-5)Check lab write-upsLab discussion/safety itemsConduct lab: Energy and Entropy: Phase ChangesLab will be due next time</p><p>**What Would Life Be Like? paper due next time!**</p></li><li><p>Energy and Entropy: Phase Changes Lab DiscussionSince sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate is a solid, you will melt it first (Part 1, steps #1-3). (no data collection) Once you start cooling the liquid, you will be recording temperature readings every 15 seconds.In Part 1, step #4, dont forget to add 1 or 2 seed crystals of sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate to the test tube.When you are finished, put your test tube into the rack on the back supply table and wash your hands.</p></li><li><p>Energy and Entropy: Phase Changes Safety IssuesSafety glasses and aprons all the time!Since we will be using bunsen burners, hair must be tied back.Be careful with the burner flame and the glassware. Remember, hot glassware looks the same as cold glassware!Be sure to wash your hands before leaving the lab area!</p></li><li><p>Energy and Entropy: Phase ChangesWhen youre done in the lab, start working on the graph, analysis, conclusion, and extension questions with your lab partner</p><p>Lab will be due next time</p></li></ul>


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