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Tidewater showcases: Mollie Isaacs plus more-

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    Did You Get Left Behind?

    MARK YOUR CALENDAR Monday, March 18:Traditional Studio Lighting & Posing byTracy McGee & Jeff Kaiser at Kaiser Studios in Chesapeake -7pm APRIL 1st: SEPPA DEADLINE FOR DISTRICT COMPETITIONApril 15: TBA at Anne Companion's Studio, HamptonMay 20: Program by Charles Lawson- at Hobbs Studio, ChesapeakeSunday, June 2: Program by Gordon Kreplin in Virginia Beach - beach portraits

    Tidewater DistrictMarch 2013

    By Erin L. Clark, CPP-Tidewater VPPA Secretary

    What a great time we had at our 2013 Convention! It was fantastic to hear and learn from all the speakers, laugh & sing with old friends, and get to know new ones! It truly didnt disappoint-

    Thanks to Jim Carpenter & his crew for doing such a great job.

    There were lots of great competition images- many of which our own Tidewater members won blue ribbons for and then some! Well share those entries over the next few months with you. The list of Tidewater winners is listed on page 4 - Next on the agenda for those interested in competition is District Competition at SEPPA- entries can be entered now through April 1st- http://www.4seppa.com/photographic-competition

    Theres Shout Outs! A job offer in the Classifieds, info about Tracy & Jeffs program on the 18th and special peek at featured photographer- Mollie Isaacs SIX blue ribbon winners (well be featuring each of our blue ribbon winners each month) So check it out! Make sure to invite a member you havent seen in awhile or a potential new member as a guest to our TW program on the 18th!

    Happy Shamrock Day & If we dont see you before April- HAPPY EASTER!

    Tidewater Ocers 2013

    Governor:Keith Forrest,


    Lieutenant Governor:Richard St. Peter, FPrstpeter@charter.net


    Treasurer:Tracy McGee, CPP!!


    Secretary:Erin L. Clark, CPP



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    TW MEETING: MARCH 18 - 7pm Kaiser Images - 401 Waters Rd. Chesapeake, VA 23322

    (757) 382-9537

    Traditional Studio Lighting with Jeff & Tracy

    Do you struggle with your studio lighting? Not sure what someone means

    when they talk about "lighting ratio"? Or MAYBE you just want to see how someone else does it for a refresher-

    Please Join Jeff & Tracy in their studio as they discuss traditional studio lighting.

    Along with digital photography came a variety of different styles, but it's always good to know the basics. Jeff and Tracy will show you how they work in their studio with their lighting equipment, and they will also get into a little traditional posing while they are at it. If you've attended a print judging or print critique, you're sure to have heard the saying, "you have to know the rules first, and only then is it okay to break them." Now is your chance to learn (or refine) those rules.

    Growing up in Virginia Beach with a darkroom in his house, Jeff Kaiser developed a strong skill in photography at an early age. Jeff attended the University of Richmond, where he became an assistant darkroom instructor during his freshman year. Also during that time, he worked for the school newspaper and was published in Richmond Times Dispatch. After graduating from Old Dominion University in 1986 with a degree in Economics, he spent eight years working for Allstate. Soon his love for photography took over, and in 1996, he decided to go full time. Jeff went on to attend classes at the Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Photography and studied with several nationally known masters of photography. In 2004, Jeff was received the AFP

    degree from VPPA. In 2013, he received his Master of Photography from PPA. Jeff and his wife, Lyn, have a 6 year old daughter, Samantha.

    Tracy McGee was born and raised in the small town of Shiloh, NC. She was always the kid in school with the camera and she was employed by and also did freelance photography work for her small town local newspaper when she was 18. A couple of years out of high school Tracy went into banking, while continuing to practice and learn photography on the side. She was a bank manager by the time she was 23 and loved her 8 year career in banking. After the birth of her first child in 2003 she and her husband decided that the schedule of a bank manager wasn't conducive to spending quality time with their child, so she left banking and used the additional knowledge that she had attained over the years to start her photography business. Tracy has a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Information Technology. Tracy and her husband, David, have two children, a 9 year old son, Riley, and a 6 year old daughter, Olivia.

    Jeff and Tracy met at the VPPA convention in February 2007 and quickly learned that they work


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    very well together and have very compatible and complimentary skill sets. They are now business partners, in addition to being best friends, and the two have over 30 years of combined full time professional photography experience. They moved into their new location in May of 2010, which is a 3,000 square foot studio on 3 acres of land in Chesapeake, Virginia. Kaiser Custom Images received the Gold award and was voted the "Best Photography Studio" in the Virginian Pilot's "Best of Chesapeake" awards.

    Even if you are a seasoned pro who knows all about lighting - please join us for fellowship -

    Wed love to see you! Please invite a member we havent seen in

    awhile and/or bring a guest!

    SHOUT OUT to JEFF KAISER & TRACY MCGEE- They are now Certified Professional Photographers!

    Making a grand total of approx. 14 CPPs in Hampton Roads-


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    SHOUT OUT!!Send Your Accomplishments & Announcements - or if you know of someone that should be recognized-

    Let us know so we can SHOUT IT OUT! We are Proud of Our TIDEWATER VPPA MEMBERS!

    CONGRATULATIONS JEFF KAISER He received his Master Photographer Degree in Atlanta this January

    PLUS is the Incoming Secretary for VPPA


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    TIDEWATER RESULTS - 2013 VPPA COMPETITION: Member: # of Blue Ribbons: ADDL AWARDS: Erin Clark 2

    Earl Dashiel 2 William Grace 1 Court of Honor-Photojournalism Eric Green 3 Best Creative & Polaroid Illustrative Award Pat Hansen 5 Court of Honor-Creative

    Mollie Isaacs 6 Court of Honor- Illustrative Court of Honor-Pictorial Court of Honor- Art/Artistic

    Tracy McGee 2

    Shirley Whitenack 1


    Well share everyones images over the coming months by featuring a couple of you each month- SEE PAGE 6!

    In so many cases the photograph is a momentary thing that is soon going to change.

    Once its gone, its gone. We have to put it in the box when it happens. ~William Albert Allard


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    Court of Honor- Pictorial Court of Honor - Illustrative Court of Honor - Art/Artistic

    Each month - Well feature one or two of our Blue Ribbon winners- Mollie was kind enough to answer a few questions for us- Read along and check out her award winning images:

    HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A PHOTOGRAPHER? ! I have been a professional photographer since 1977. Well, I called myself a professional, but I did not know much at that time. Things began to take off when I opened a storefront studio in Old Town Alexandria in the mid-1980's.

    WHAT KIND OF PHOTOGRAPHY DO YOU DO? I started out doing weddings primarily, and some portraits. The business plan was to eventually taper off on weddings and increase our portraits, and it took about 10 years for that transition to happen. By the mid-1990's we were no longer doing weddings.

    HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A MEMBER OF VPPA? I joined VPPA in 1983, and it was the best thing I could have done. Most of what I know about portraits and weddings, I learned by attending the annual convention and the seminars. They provided me a great photographic education. And I made some great lifelong friends along the way. It is a great organization, one of the best in the country.

    WHY DO YOU ENTER COMPETITION? Ah, competition - a blessing and a curse! It is a fantastic way to improve the quality of your work, both technically and esthetically. By putting yourself out there with others who are competing, you get a better sense of how your work stacks up. BUT you have to be careful that you do not surrender your style just in the interest of doing well in competition.

    The judges do not have all the answers, and they are flawed human beings just like everybody else. I can say that because I am a nationally affiliated judge with PPA, so I am putting myself down along with the rest! Judges have to make snap decisions in just a few seconds, and images with quiet subtlety or deep artistic merit often do not get their attention compared to the more "in your face" images with immediate impact. Doing well in competition is a high, I do not deny that. But you have to be careful not to feel unworthy as a photographer when your images do not do well. Competition is a crap shoot, and you have to be prepared