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Time to Get Ready!. Gearing Up for the Aspirations Awards Season!. Aspirations Team. Ammi Ludwick, Director of Aspirations Ammi.ludwick@ncwit.org Bridget Quinn, RAM, Aspirations in Computing 816-721-1217 Bridget.quinn@ncwit.org Jennifer Manning, Program Manager, AspireIT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Time to Get Ready!Gearing Up for the Aspirations Awards Season!

  • Aspirations TeamAmmi Ludwick, Director of AspirationsAmmi.ludwick@ncwit.org

    Bridget Quinn, RAM, Aspirations in Computing816-721-1217Bridget.quinn@ncwit.org

    Jennifer Manning, Program Manager, AspireITJennifer.manning@ncwit.org

    Malia Frederickson, Program Manager, AiC Community & Collegiate AwardMalia.fredrickson@nwit.org

    Lauren VonRoenn, Operations & Educator Award ManagerLauren.vonroenn@ncwit.org

  • Time to Get Ready!Timeline for 2014-15 AiC Program Season

    Goals for the new season

    Changes this year (Programs, Affiliate Applications, Educator Award)

    Gearing Up & Getting Started!

    Getting Girls to Apply: Promotion & Publicity

  • Timeline for 2014-2015 SeasonAugust -Publicize & Promote, Gear UpSept 15th - Nov 7th -Affiliate Licensing Agreement / MOU PeriodSept 15th Nov 2nd -Applications Open! Nov 2nd 7th -Parent/Educator Endorsement WRAP-UP PeriodNov 8th 19th -First Application Review PeriodNov 19th Dec 3rd -Second Application Review PeriodDec 15th -Affiliate Event Dates DueDec 15th 17th -National Winners AnnouncedDec 17th Jan 31st -Local Winners AnnouncedJan May -Affiliate Award Events Held

  • 2014-2015 Program GoalsRevolutionizing the Face of Technology!Increase # of students inducted into AiC

    Increase # of students registered on aspirations.org

    Initiate outreach to applicants not selected as awardees

    Increase outreach to underrepresented communities & populations

    Increase sponsorship & sustainability of local Aspirations communities

    Increase recognition of all volunteers and community partners

  • AiC Educator AwardThis award recognizes teachers, counselors, & other educators that make a special effort to support girls interest in technology

    NEW THIS YEAR! To be considered for the award, educators are asked to complete a short, online application and endorse at least one students application for the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing.

    Sept 15-Nov 2*Applications openNov 7*Student Endorsements DueJan 31*Announce winners

    Winners are publicly recognized at a local affiliate award event and receive prizes including an engraved award for both the educator and educators school and $1,000 towards a computing-related professional development activity. Learn more and apply beginningSeptember 15, 2014atwww.aspirations.org/educatoraward.

  • Updates for this SeasonEducator Award

    Collegiate Award


    Aspirations Website

    Affiliate Application

    Licensing Agreement

  • Gearing Up & Getting Started! *Promote & Publicize!

    *Build up your team *Recruit reviewers

    *Get fiscal support / Reach out to fiscal partners

    *Select ceremony dates/and event venues (Please tell us your date as soon as possible )

    *Utilize the toolkit at www.aspirations.org

  • Identify local channels to spread the wordSchools, School Districts, & Youth Serving OrganizationsMediaSocial MediaSponsors &community partnersStudents & AiC AlumColleagues, Contacts & Co-workers

    Promotion: Getting The Word Out

  • Promotion: Getting Girls to Apply!Schools and Youth-Serving OrganizationsContact more than one individual at a school include principal, guidance/career counselors, CS or IT teachersFollow up with phone callsPut together a list of youth-serving organizations home-school networks, boys & girls clubs, Girl Scouts, 4H, etc.Contact local or regional chapters of the CSTA for helpAsk to drop by Computing or IT classes to announce the opportunity enlist help of students or AiC Alum

  • Promotion: Getting Girls to Apply!MediaAnnounce in a press release sample in the toolkit

    Recruit a media sponsor - local tv station or paper to help promote the award & ensure coverage

    Invite a local prominent member of the media to participate on your committee or visit schools to talk about the award

  • Promotion: Getting Girls to Apply!Social Media

    Use social media sites to spread the word Facebook, Twitter

    Refer all to the Award for Aspirations in Computing Facebook page

    Follow and invite others to follow @NCWITAIC and @NCWIT on Twitter. When Tweeting about Aspirations from your personal account, tag @NCWITAIC in the Tweets whenever possible

    Please use and encourage use of the hashtag for this year #NCWITAiC15

  • Promotion: Getting Girls to Apply!Award Publicity Kit

    Currently being updated

    Labeled recruit_publicity kit doc in toolkit

    - talking points about the award- press release template- publicity ideas- sample outreach article/letter

  • Promotion: Getting Girls to Apply!Other Resources

    More samples, templates and other ideas in online toolkit

    Updated publicity posters will be sent out soon

    Contact us for more information or for help with other promotional ideas

    What are we missing? Share your best practices with each other! - join the AspirationsAwardCoord Facebook page

  • More Ideas For Successful Outreach

    engage the PR department of a sponsoring organizations or committee member organizations to help with press effortsIdentify media members or writers that specifically cover tech storiesDon't overlook small community papersDon't forget about digital media such as blogs, online magazines, etc.Keep your Community webpage updated with the most current information (Aspirations.org website)

    Promotion: Getting Girls to Apply!

  • Thank You! Contact us at aspirations@ncwit.org & visit www.aspirations.org


    Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for joining us. I dont know about you but I can NOT believe it is already August! But I am super excited to gear up for another awesome season of Aspirations and the opportunity to support a whole new group of aspiring girls!

    I just wanted to welcome back all our fabulous affiliate partners from last year and also give a warm welcome to anyone on the call who is new this year or who will be coordinating an event for the first time *We are all here to support each other! So if you have any questions or if we can do anything to help you as you go through this season, please dont hesitate to reach out to us. For those of you who dont know me, my name is Bridget Quinn and I am a regional affiliate manager for the Aspirations in Computing program. Right now I will be your first line of defense as you prepare for the awards. Here is my contact information and I am happy to help with any questions you have about the Aspirations in Computing program. You can email or call me any time!

    **OK. Wow! I know that is a lot of information but I figured you would appreciate as many details up front as I could offer!

    Obviously, are MOST important task for August and September will be promotion and encouraging girls to apply

    A note about Parent/Educator Endorsements These can begin as soon as the girl has finished her application. So, they could even begin on September 15th. They must be completed no later than November 7th. The week of November 2nd 7th is when we will do a BIG PUSH to get all missing endorsements submitted. * *OK so here is a look at our overall program goals for the AiC awards program and these our goals I hope we can all work towards together.

    Continue to reach and support more girls, must increase our numbers to do so

    I also wanted to go ahead and give you the new information on the Educator Award.

    **So Lets Gear Up & Get Started! Here is the list of items that you should really be focusing on in August and September.

    Obviously, Promote and Publicize! MOST importantly, is that for this month we should be talking up the award and local involvement as MUCH as possible. Please send out emails, word of mouth, carrier pigeon, whatever works! And well talk more about this next.

    Build Up Your Team. This is the time to strengthen your ranks and pull in more help. Check in with colleagues, community partners or even friends you think might be interested in becoming involved. You may not think you need much of a committee, but the more team members you have the better your program will be and the more people there will be to share the work load. MOST importantly, a larger committee has greater outreach capacity to reach MORE girls and thats what its all about

    This is also the time to start inviting colleagues and community members to help us review the applications. We will be sending more information out about this but basically the more reviewers we have the easier the job is for everyone. All that is involved is registering online as a reviewer and spending just a few hours scoring applications. I can speak from experience that the rubric given makes things extremely clear and easy to do.

    Fiscal Support. This is the time to reach out to your sponsors from last year, maybe send them a thank you and discuss opportunities to support this years program if you havent already done so. This is also a great time to reach out to new potential sponsors and community partners. Spread the word and brainstorm potential sponsors in your community.

    Select dates & venues. We know this can be daunting, but please dont wait to do this. The sooner we can notify winners, sponsors, other attendees about these events the more outreach and participation we will achieve. Additionally, this is extremely helpful to us at NCWIT as we try to coordinate representatives to attend all the awesome events happening, including all the amazing AiC award ceremonies!

    Think in terms of including MORE people at your event


    *Getting Girls To Apply What its all about!

    If they dont apply, then we cant encourage, support and award them!

    Number one on your list of promotion identify local channels to spread the word

    So Schools, School districts, and youth-serving organizations will be your number one contacts for getting girls to apply.

    OK and Id like to take a few minutes and ask all of you is there anything you would add to this or any best practices/success stories you can share with us?

    ****Read through slide

    WHAT else would you all add? ***