Tips for effective deer hunting

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    Tips For Effective Deer Hunting

    The most effective deer hunting tips are the ones which you find out for yourself and can

    provide to others. After all, some things feel better than searching the way that works for you.

    Obviously, until you achieve that level, here are some deer hunting tips to assist you in reaching


    Deer are usually very active during dawn and dusk and sleep in the middle of the day and

    night. This does not imply that you will not view them eating in the middle of the day.

    Bucks are majorly seen during hunting season. Go for scouting during early to late

    summer. When scouting, pay attention as if you are really hunting in real. Remain quiet and do

    not spray much scent.

    Search for the food source the deer will be feeding in the hunting season.

    Search for trees having most acorns.

    Find areas having greens similar to clover or rye covering the ground.

    Find deer trail routes.

    If you are planning to set up any type of hunting stand, ensure to set it up pre-season,

    prior to the deer beginning to feed in that area. Otherwise, you will frighten them.

    Highlight your hot spots on a GPS.

    Make plenty of notes. You might desire to note down each thing you search.

    You may search where the bucks are if you scout in the deer mating season during which

    a buck will leave plenty of markings on trees.

    Search for thick and dense bush areas wherein deer desire to sleep. You may set up on

    the outskirts of this area, at some place you may be able to view better.

    Remain still.

    Never fall asleep because you will lose your deer, and it is risky if you are high up in a tree


  • 2014 Whitetail Outfitters Of Ohio, Guided, Semi-guided & Unguided Whitetail Hunting Trips In Hocking County, New Plymouth, Ohio

    Utilize special products to mask your scent. Deer has an excellent sense of smell.

    Remember the wind direction. Remain downwind of the feeding or sleeping place, etc.

    you may be stalking.

    Wear a harness if utilizing a tree stand.

    You too can avail the advantage of proficient deer hunting through Wild Ohio Whitetail

    Outfitters (WOW Hunts) deer hunting services. It is managed by Dave Flora, its owner and

    operator who strongly believes in deer management and in conservation and has been a

    member of the Quality Deer Management Association for nearly 2 decades. She is also a

    member of several other wildlife conservation associations.

    Located an hour southeast of Columbus in Hocking County, Wild Ohio Whitetail Outfitters is

    tucked away in the Appalachian foothills. It began operation in 1996 with approximately 1000

    acres and continues to grow each year. It possesses more than 1600 acres, most of it being

    contiguous, permitting effective management of deer herd and wildlife habitat. It lets you hunt

    on an excellent Deer Hunting Trail in Ohios wildlife habitat. Please visit for

    more information.