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Konnect Realty gives the tips for selling your property faster and best price.


  • Tips for Selling Your PropertyKonnectRealtyProperty Management in Chennai

  • Property Selling Tips

  • Property Selling TipsPut a mat by the door to save your carpets, but never insist on visitors taking off their shoes. Some people feel incredibly uncomfortable without their shoes on and uncomfortable people seldom turn into buyers.

    Make sure your home feels cozy. If viewings are going ahead while you are at work, then set the central heating timer for an hour before they arrive.

    The dark winter days give you the chance to use lighting to show off your home to maximum effect. Incorporate multiple light sources from standing lamps and table lamps to down-lighters. The best-lit rooms have layers of light that blend well together. Overhead lights wired on a dimmer will improve the mood of a room.

  • Property Selling TipsThere is nothing you or anybody else can do to make your gardens a vision of Babylonian splendor at this time of year. All you can attempt is damage limitation by tidying up lawns and borders. However, you can impress your visitors by displaying pictures of your garden, with all the plants in bloom and the family enjoying your little sun-trap. Many smaller homes can feel claustrophobic in winter when you cannot leave doors open to the garden or balcony. Use mirrors in narrow areas, such as the hallway, to manipulate the perception of space by reflecting light.