Tips On Buying A Water Heater

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Tips on buying a water heaterAccording to studies 14% of an average households energy consumption is from water heaters, hence buying an energy efficient model is of prime importance. Factors that influence your buying decision are the size of your family, utilities in your area and the space available for installation. Storage water heaters are the most common and highly recommended. Their insulated tanks store heated water until it is needed. These heaters are available different types- electric and gas heated. The gas heated types are the most energy efficient.While choosing a storage type heater, size of its tank is a big factor. As a thumb rule, you can go by the following guidelines. For a family of 2 people - 30 gallons, 2-3 people 40 gallons3-4 people 50 gallonsMore than 5 people 80 gallonsRecovery rate is yet another important factor to be taken into consideration. Recovery rate is the number of gallons of water that can be heated in an hour. Hence the larger the amount of water you need the greater the recovery rate you need to choose. Look for the Energy Guide label on your heater. It tells you the energy efficiency and yearly operating costs of your heater. This will help you make a decision.Check out space constraints of fitting the water heater. You can opt for the Lowboy or Shorty models. These are shorter and bigger, thereby holding the same amount of water as your need.Tank less water heaters or Instant water heaters are more energy efficient as they do not hold water. Water passes through a series of coils to come out heated. They need to be turned on only at the time of use. However, they can produce only a limited amount of hot water hence is not suited to large consumption or large families. When buying a water heater you need to find the water heating efficiency of your choice. It is measured by EF (energy factor) rating. The higher the EF, the more efficient the model. Theyll save you money in the long run as well as save the environment. Energy Star is yet another energy efficiency rating. It is backed by the government as a standard for energy efficiency. One of the main factors in your decision should be the after sales service of your water heater. Always buy from a reputed company, one that has a good track record of reliability. In India, V Guard Industries is one of the companies that maintain a good reputation among customers with its excellent track record.

And lastly, make sure you find a good plumber to install your water heater using the right fittings and fixtures. With all this in place, you can look forward to many years of satisfaction ahead.