Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills

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  • Priyanka Tiwari

  • The only key to unlock the mystery of honing is PRACTICE, PRACTICE & PRACTICE.

    FACT Remember that learning a language is a gradual process - it does not happen overnight & it is not a computer that is either on or off! . So just have patience

  • The major components for achieving efficiency in language are Written communicationOral communicationBoth are equally important and results can be attained after following proper steps.

  • Define your learning objectives early: What do you want to learn and why at a time?

  • Now coming down the tips Written skills- 1- Learn Basic Grammar 2- Precise writings 3- Form the habit of writing dairies pour your heart, the best is self assessment in an isolated place.4-Take the help of dictionary and grammar book while writing. 5- Devote your best 20 mins in coping & writing from any standard articles and some interesting topics. 6- Try to get the meaning of tough words and produce the sentences of your own. Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.

  • Speak, speak & speak.Research has shownit takes about three months of daily practice to develop strong mouth muscles for speaking a new language.

  • So start with i. Observe the mouth movements of those who speak English well and try to imitate them.

    ii. Use the dictionary with phonetics symbols.

    iii. Make a list of frequently used words that you finddifficultto pronounce and ask someone who speaks the language wellto pronounce them for you.

    iv. Buy books on tape.

    v. Read aloud in English for 15-20minutes every day.

    vi. Record your own voice and listen for pronunciation mistakes.

  • vii. Watchthe English news on television channels like Star World, CNN, BBCand English movies on Star Movies and HBO. viii. Focus on elongating your vowel sounds. This will also automatically slow down your rate of speech. ix. Pronounce ending of each words. This will help you strengthen the mouth muscles that you use when you speak English. Pay special attention to S and ED endings.

  • Now lets discuss the factors which are holding you back..Vague objectiveLack of passionNo external forceStarting from very low levelUnrealistic expectations of perfection without much effortsDiverse demands for skillsLess time duration ( 180 mins / 60 students = 3 mins each)Safety measuresWrong methods for solving problems

  • DO more than exist liveDO more than touch feelDO more than look observe DO more than read absorbDO more than hear listen DO more than listen understand They won because they refused to become discouraged. B. C. Forbes