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<ul><li><p>Professional development to help every child succeed!</p><p>Online courses help prepare all educators to meet the needs of your students with exceptionalities.</p></li><li><p>Welcome to the Exceptional Child Online Professional Development System</p><p>Everyone Can Learn from Leading Special Education Experts, in One Convenient Online System</p><p> Provide a wide variety of online courses for everyone who supports students with exceptionalities, including special education teachers, general education teachers, paraeducators, and more. </p><p> Each multimedia-rich, evidence-based course includes: </p><p> - Interventions - Actionable ideas - Assessments - Helpful reference materials - Certificate of completion </p><p> Reduce professional development costs and offer more flexibility with self-paced courses that can be taken when its most convenient for your educators, from any web-enabled device.</p></li><li><p>Find Courses on Key Special Education-Related Topics</p><p> ADHD Autism Spectrum Disorder Behavior Co-Teaching Dyslexia IEP Process Paraeducator Training Restraint and Seclusion Special Ed Law Transition</p><p> and more</p><p>Written by Leading Experts</p><p> Barb Bateman Andy Bondy Catherine Faherty Lori Frost Kent Gerlach Carol Gray Carol Kosnitsky</p><p> and more</p></li><li><p>Our System Makes Managing Professional Development Easy</p><p> Assign online courses to new hires, individuals, or groups of educators. </p><p> Manage professional development for a single school or across an entire organization in less time. </p><p> Ensure staff stay on track with email notifications of assignments and upcoming due dates.</p><p> Track who has completed training with an administrator dashboard and valuable reports.</p><p> Customize courses with your own content to meet your specific needs.</p><p>Equip educators with the skills, instructional strategies, and resources they need to help every student reach his or her highest potential!</p><p> 800.434.0154</p><p>Our management system lets administrators easily assign and track training. </p></li><li><p>Contact us at or 800.434.0154 to schedule a demonstration. </p><p>View our Course Library, preview courses, and more at</p><p>Exceptional Child is from the developers of SafeSchools Training, the #1 safety training program in K-12 schools.</p></li><li><p>Believe in the Exceptional Today!</p><p>The Exceptional Child System is a cost-effective, targeted professional development tool for paraeducators in our district.</p><p>BETH RINCONDirector of Special Education Timberlane Regional School District, NH</p><p>The Exceptional Child online courses help both special education and general education teachers stay current on important special education topics, support legal compliance, and most importantly, help us provide quality services to our students with special needs.</p><p>ROBIN BRIGANTIExecutive Director, Teaching &amp; Learning, Student Programs, School SupportSultan School District, WA</p><p>LEARN MORE </p><p> 800.434.0154</p></li></ul>