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Toastmasters International

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Toastmasters International. Competent Communicator 合格溝通員 CC. Advanced Communicator Bronze 銅牌高級溝通員 ACB. 合格溝通員 CC 完成兩本進階溝通手冊. Advanced Communicator Silver 銀牌高級溝通員 ACS. 合格銅牌高級溝通員 ACB 再完成兩本進階溝通手冊 主持兩次教育訓練 ( 演講精進或成功會務系列 ). Advanced Communicator Gold 金牌高級溝通員 ACG. 合格銀牌高級溝通員 ACS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Toastmasters International

  • Toastmasters International

  • Competent Communicator CC

  • Advanced Communicator Bronze ACB CC

  • Advanced Communicator Silver ACS ACB ()

  • Advanced Communicator Gold ACG ACS//

  • Competent Leader CL

  • 1Listening and Leadership 2Critical Thinking 3Giving Feedback 4Time Management 5Planning and Implementation 6Organizing and Delegating 7Developing Your Facilitation Skills 8Motivating People 9Mentoring 10Team Building

  • Advanced Leader Bronze ALB CL CC ()

  • Advanced Leader Silver ALS ALB