Today's Literacies Teaching With New Technologies LRC 320

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Today's Literacies Teaching With New Technologies LRC 320. Created By: Shannon Marslender Brittany Wilt Bailey Schultz . What are Literacies?. New literacies are made possible because of technology advancements Adds new element of literacy levels - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Today's Literacies Teaching With New Technologies LRC 320</p> <p>Today's Literacies Teaching With New TechnologiesLRC 320Created By: Shannon MarslenderBrittany WiltBailey Schultz </p> <p>New literacies are made possible because of technology advancements</p> <p>Adds new element of literacy levels</p> <p>Literacy is rapidly changing - as new technologies appear, social practices for literacies emergeWhat are Literacies?Clickers!Classroom response systems (or "clickers") are considered the new interactive technology that enables instructors to pose questions to students and immediately collect and view the responses of the entire class. </p> <p>Examples of this responseware include:Turning technologies, i&gt;clickers, SMART Response, etc.Turning Technologies response technology:more affordableuser-friendlybetter documentedUses:Works in PowerPointSimple technology- if you can use PowerPoint, you can use Turning TechnologiesInitially made for corporate use, but can now be found in schools, universities, and businesses worldwide.Students can purchase clickers from the Bookstore on campus and use them for multiple courses.</p> <p>Depending on the number of students in the class, the software and receiver for the clicker may be free . It ultimately depends on the contract with the Clicker company and the University or school. </p> <p>The student then registers their clicker code and it will connect to the software set up through the University. </p> <p>Clickers are used today in order to receive feedback from students in large classrooms as well as have them actively participating during lectures.</p> <p>How it worksStudents like the use of clickers to obtain participation points and opportunities for extra credit </p> <p>Students also enjoy the use of clickers because it is interactive learning and understanding with a teacher</p> <p>Teachers love clickers because they are able to better understand the thoughts of the individuals in their classrooms whether it is a large or small group</p> <p>Teachers are also able to organize grading and participation much more efficiently through the use of a software programFor example if a student doesn't understand a concept the teacher will notice a percentage who answered incorrectly and can elaborate on a term or topic </p> <p>Teachers Vs. StudentsProsStudents can participate without feeling singled outTeachers can track student progress and attendance.Compact devicesNew technology eliminates need for paper submissionsConsCompetitive brands- other companies are adopting this technology so there is a lack of standardizationStudents may need more than one clicker to accommodate for multiple classesTechnical difficulties are very common.</p> <p>CostsResponse Devices:ResponseCard Keypads (aka the Clicker): $42.00-$66.00ResponseWare License (digital Clicker): $10.00-$45.00 depending on length of licenseTurningPoint Software Download: FREE!Receiver: $99.00</p>