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DESCRIPTION - Search Engine Optimization or SEO is still relevant and would remain so in the coming times.


  • 1.Why Its Still Much About HavingTop 10 Ranking on Search Engines (read, Google)? Background Check Lets get a few years back and assume that we are in web 1.0 era. Internet is just an alien word to more than 90% of the global population. People are still more attached with offline modes for information searching, even in the presence of internet. Why was that? The reason was cluttered information segregation. Search engines were introduced and were said to be meant for users. But, few simple searches at that point of time made the whole promise hollow. An individual looking for designer shoe in internet landed up in random pages wherever the keyword was used no matter how irrelevant that it. At the end the process gave him no scalable result which was useful. This was the case of web 1.0 eras initial years, and then the search engine algorithms modification was considered as highest priority. The aim was to create a search engine algorithm which will fetch result exclusively based on the queries of user and even would go to the length of offering localized result. SEO was introduced and since then it has been the heart of search engine information structure operation system and millions have been benefitted from it both generally and economically.Introducing the concept The Search Engine Optimization is often called popularly as SEO as an acronym. This primarily means building a websites presence in the search engine organic result page and placing it in first page of Google SERP for the desired keyword and key phrase. The prime reason behind SEO is search engine contribution and this can be proved from the very fact that in almost every high volume keyword Wikipedia remains at top, the reason is simply unbiased knowledge sharing. In order the grasp the concept of SEO one must focus on genuine knowledge sharing and avoid spamming. How to do so? Every subject has its own USP, when someone is doing paid SEO best option is to create awareness among users regarding the unique pointers of your product or service instead of spreading generic contents which are useless to user. It must be always kept in mind that only those site ranks well in search engine who offers right material over any given subject to user.

2. Strategy for SEO SuccessA detailed path is followed by professionals around the globe for attaining fine result in their respective SEO approaches. There is no fixed path of journey for a guaranteed result, but more people tend to follow these following seven steps while in a SEO journey. Here they are serially as per their implementation stage:Defined Start: Prior to beginning the journey there are certain things to keep an eye on such as domain name, user name availability, server configuration, etc as that make the primary base of approach solid.In-depth Research & Targeting: In any project initial research is a must; this gives the idea about your competition and helps you in defining the path. After that targeting the right audience is mandatory as based on demographic taste, age group and gender most of the SEO strategy changes.On Page Pointers: Optimizing all the Meta datas like titles, descriptions, header tags, etc. is a must along with alt attribute and snippet addition.Implanting balanced IA: Just like skeleton of human body Information Architecture or IA is that of a website and so it needs to be carefully drafted keeping in mind the target and defining the user journey for desired ROI. The sitemap integration and doorway creation also comes under this part. Once this is done with the right wireframe and mind-map website tales its shape.Off Page Part: Sharing content and links through various channels comes in this stage. This includes bookmarking, directory submission, link building, article submission and many more.Accelerators: Creating a buzz in social media platform through the acts of SMO. 3. Measure & Reports: To understand the development of the whole action plan Google analytics must be followed and fortnight or monthly reports should be generated to plan the next phase of SEO activity.Know why you must love SEOBeing number one is always advantageous and its for sure is when your potential clients finds you sitting with authority in the first page of Google. Not just a sense of trust is build, but your brand exhibits dominance and so generates great business. SEO offers multitude of advantages, here are few of them:1. Cost effective service: Spending millions in marketing every year is the story ofany brand. Instead of going the conventional way of outdoor marketing investing in internet marketing or SEO is far more cost-effective and useful. SEO Company India offers instant quote in this regards, contacting them is worth it.2. Definite Boost in Traffic: Traffic does matter. Every business owner wishes to addto their loyal base of customer new names on daily basis and only with top ranking in search engine this is possible.3. Elevated Brand Credibility: With top position in Google for your targeted keyword you present a sense of truth to your customers. This adds value to the whole branding ball game, and puts you in winners shoe. 4. Better ROI (Return on Investment)5. Stay ahead of your Competitors: With SEO you are always one step ahead of your competitors and can plan for the future with the data of running campaign in hand. 4. 6. Stand out from crowd: There are 250 Million websites on the internet out of which at least thousand would be surely offering what you are; SEO puts you in the spotlight with ranking and business. Dont be one of 1 million lonesome website owners who avoided SEO and are now suffering.7. 36.4% Of Clicks Go to the First Result in search result page and so this tells you how much beneficial it is. 5. 8. Data is God: In this age of Big data, data is simply valuable like go and you will have all that courtesy SEO. All the decision taking tools and Analytics will fetch you with valuable data for the betterment of business.ConclusionSearch engine optimization or contribution - whichever term attracts you more - just go for it, as your competitors wont be so patient and obviously wont be merciful. Go for the service provider that knows the trade and knows what it takes to get a business up among the top 10 listings on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages listing). For detail know-how and our exciting prices with respect to the Googles Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates and the necessary and a very much a customized - SEO/SEM steps to be taken, contact us! CONTACT: SynapseIndia Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 (If you are dialing from the USA, please dial 011 first before 91) Email: Skype: synapse_india