Top 10 Things to Do in Kentucky

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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 Top 10 Things to Do in Kentucky</p><p> 1/3</p><p>Top 10 Things To Do in Kentucky</p><p>The Bluegrass State is a spectacular vacation destination with magnificent scenery, a rich and</p><p>colorful history, beautiful recreational areas, pristine lakes and rivers, national parks and forests,</p><p>live thoroughbred and NASCAR racing, bluegrass music, charming wineries and bourbon</p><p>distilleries, legendary horse farms and the world's longest cave system-Mammoth Caves. From</p><p>the action-packed Kentucky Derby in Louisville to the dramatic terrain of Daniel Boone National</p><p>Forest, Kentucky is truly a playground for your senses!</p><p>Louisville/Churchill Downs/Kentucky Derby</p><p>Located in Louisville, Kentucky, Churchill Downs is the world's most legendary Thoroughbred</p><p>racetrack and home of the Kentucky Derby - the premier race of the Triple Crown events.</p><p>Located on the grounds of the Churchill Downs Racetrack, the Kentucky Derby Museum is an</p><p>excitng attraction, featuring a high-definition Kentucky Derby film entitled "The Greatest Race",</p><p>which places the viewer in the center of Derby Day action.</p><p>The museum features many exhibits, historical films and books, hands-on activities,</p><p>thoroughbred memorabilia, and walking tours that illustrate the history of the "Run For The</p><p>Roses" - from the Finish Line pole used at Churchill Downs to the grave sites of three famous</p><p>Kentucky Derby winners - Carry Back (1961), Swaps (1955) and Brokers Tip (1933).</p><p>Louisville Slugger MuseumLocated in "Museum Row" in Louisville, Kentucky, the Louisville Slugger Museum highlights the</p><p>history of Louisville Slugger baseball bats. The museum showcases the production of the</p><p>famous bats and displays examples of historical bats, such as, the bat used by Babe Ruth to hit</p><p>his last home run. Outside of the museum is the world's largest bat standing six stories to signify</p><p>the Louisville Slugger corporate headquarters. Visit</p><p>Daniel Boone National Forest</p><p>Located along the Cumberland Plateau in the Appalachian foothills of</p><p>eastern Kentucky, Daniel Boone National Forest encompasses over</p><p>707,000 acres of rugged terrain, more than 3,400 miles of sandstone cliffs,steep forested ridges, and narrow ravines. Recreation opportunities</p><p>including hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting are abundant. These</p><p>federally managed lands provide over 600 miles of scenic hiking and</p><p>horseback riding trails. Hundreds of miles of streams and winding rivers present great</p><p>opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. Visit</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Top 10 Things to Do in Kentucky</p><p> 2/3</p><p>Cumberland Gap National Historical Park</p><p>Cumberland Gap is the first great gateway to the west. The Native American, the buffalo, and</p><p>the pioneers traveled this route through the mountains into the rough country of Kentucky.</p><p>Historic sites and buildings in the park present opportunities to take a closer look at the events</p><p>that molded a region and nation. Underground Worlds include miles of subterranean passages</p><p>and caves that lie beneath the mountains. Over 70 miles of trails and several scenic areas offer</p><p>opportunities to discover the breathtaking cascading waterfalls and experience the Southern</p><p>Appalachians up close. Visit</p><p>Land Between the Lakes National Recreational Area</p><p>Land Between the Lakes National Recreational Area is a destination of intense natural beauty,</p><p>educational experiences and outdoor adventure. Enjoy endless outdoor activities, including</p><p>hiking, fishing, horseback riding, hunting, wildlife viewing, camping, kayaking, canoeing, boating</p><p>and OHV riding. The area offers miles of scenic hiking, OHV and equestrian trails through</p><p>meadows, rolling hills, and rocky plateaus. Enjoy a plethora of water sports and marinas on</p><p>Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake.</p><p>Discover wildlife in the 700-acre Elk &amp; Bison Prairie, where a native habitat lost over a century</p><p>ago is being restored. Join the hands-on nature programs at Woodlands Nature Station.Experience history at The Homeplace, a living history farm that shows you how people made</p><p>use of the environment in the 1800s. View spectacular shows of space and the night sky at the</p><p>Golden Pond Planetarium, a 40-foot diameter dome. Visit</p><p>Mammoth Cave National Park</p><p>Preserving the massive cave system and Green River valley of south</p><p>central Kentucky, Mammoth Cave National Park is a spectacular destination</p><p>of massive caves, scenic hiking trails, and unique wildlife. Beneath the</p><p>sandstone capped ridges of Mammoth Cave National Park lies the most</p><p>extensive cave system in existence, with over 365 miles of explored and</p><p>mapped pathways. Mammoth Cave, the world's longest cave, features vast</p><p>and mysterious chambers, rocky halls, and complex water-formed labyrinths. Activities at</p><p>Mammoth Cave National Park include cave tours, surface hikes, canoeing on the Green River,</p><p>horseback riding, bicycling, picnicking, camping and exploring the wondrous cave system.</p><p>Kentucky Speedway</p><p>Located in Sparta, Kentucky Speedway is a 1,000-acre raceway with a 1.5 mile, tri-oval asphalt</p><p>track that features action-packed NASCAR Busch, Craftsman Truck, All Pro Series, ARCA and</p><p>IRL races. Kentucky Speedway provides 66,089 grandstand seats, RV and camping areas, an</p><p>Outback Steakhouse, the private Kentucky and Bluegrass Clubs, a gift shop and drivingschools. For race schedules, events and tickets, visit</p><p>International Bluegrass Music Museum</p><p>Take an inspirational journey through Bluegrass Music - the official music of Kentucky. Located</p><p>in Owensboro, International Bluegrass Music Museum collects and preserves the history,</p><p>recordings, and artifacts of bluegrass music. The museum is a vibrant world of culture, art, and</p><p>history with fascinating exhibits, interactive tours, music lessons, jam sessions and educational</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 Top 10 Things to Do in Kentucky</p><p> 3/3</p><p>programs, including the Kentucky Bluegrass AllStars, Bluegrass in the Schools and Video Oral</p><p>History Project, first generation bluegrass musicians videotaped from coast to coast.</p><p>IBMM's exhibits focus on the bluegrass community, festivals, concerts and events, as well as</p><p>the International Bluegrass Music Association's Hall of Honor, devoted to outstanding</p><p>contributions to bluegrass music. Guided tours feature musical instrument demonstrations and</p><p>discussions on music theory, history, and Kentucky culture. Don't miss the museum's Friday</p><p>After 5 series, which presents live bluegrass on Friday evenings in the courtyard.</p><p>Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill</p><p>Located in Harrodsburg, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is a National Historic Landmark that</p><p>preserves the countryside, buildings, historical records, artifacts, and culture of the Shaker</p><p>community that once flourished here. America's largest restored Shaker Village is a living</p><p>history museum where an extraordinary society is preserved in 34 buildings and an extensive</p><p>museum collection. Set on 3,000 acres of farmland, Shaker Village is a recreational utopia with</p><p>gorgeous scenery, miles of scenic hiking trails, historic rock fences, a natural prairie and forest</p><p>with colorful wildflowers, diverse plants and wildlife, 125 varieties of birds, and 450 million year</p><p>old limestone formations - the oldest exposed rock in Kentucky. Explore the wonders of nature</p><p>and enjoy fun family recreation, including hiking, fishing and nature activities.</p><p>Kentucky Horse Park</p><p>Get close to the horses at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, a theme park</p><p>that includes the most comprehensive horse museum in the world, exciting</p><p>attractions, family activities, horse-drawn tours, horse shows, and</p><p>competitive events, such as the 2010 World Equestrian Games and the</p><p>Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. At the park entrance, you are welcomed</p><p>by the majestic Man o' War Memorial, which honors one of the greatest</p><p>race horses in history.</p><p>The International Museum of the Horse, the largest of its kind in the world, reveals the 55-million</p><p>year history of the horse. Exhibits include a collection of 19th Century horse-drawn carriages</p><p>and racing vehicles, the "Horse in Sport" gallery, trophies and paintings that trace the racing</p><p>legacy of Lexington's most famous farm, and changing exhibits of equine art. The American</p><p>Saddlebred Museum features panoramas of the exhilarating history of the American Saddlebred</p><p>- Kentucky's first native breed.</p><p>For more information, please visit:</p><p>things-to-do.aspx</p></li></ul>