Top 5 Christian Stress Management Relaxation Techniques

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TOP 5 CHRISTIAN STRESS MANAGEMENT RELAXATION TECHNIQUES Relaxation techniques are a central component of effective Christian stress management since they can counter the bodys stress response by activating its relaxation response and thus reduce the symptoms of stress that develop when a person is stressed. The top 5 Christian relaxation techniques which can help you manage stress effectively are: 1. Visualization Visualization or guided imagery is an effective Christian stress management technique that helps you relax as you imagine yourself out of the stressful situation (pun intended). Therefore, schedule time to regularly imagine yourself stress-free using all your senses. For example you can use Psalm 23 for visualization by closing your physical eyes and: a) feeling the Lords comforting presence as He walks with you through the shadow of death (difficult, distressing days), as He guides you to green pastures (profitable, prosperous days) and to still waters (mind soothing spas) to restore your stressed out body and soul. b) seeing (with your minds eye) the Lord prepare a table (make you successful) in front of the enemies who have been stressing you. c) savoring the overflowing cup of good things that the Lord has poured into your life d) touching the anointing oil that is trickling down your face as the Lord anoints you.

2. Singing Singing is another effective Christian relaxation technique since it reduces tension. Singing Christian praises to God is even more powerful for managing stress than singing secular songs because God is enthroned in praises (Psalm 22:3) and He can help you manage your stressful situation. Therefore, schedule time every day to sing your heart out to God especially when you are in the middle of a stressful situation. Do not wait for the problems to end so that you can begin praising God in song. Start singing His praises when the crisis are trying to make you cry and the oppressing mental prison doors will fling open just as the physical ones flung open when Paul and Silas sung praises to God in their stressful situation in Acts 16. 3. Meditation Meditation is another wonderful relaxation technique which also has spiritual benefits for Psalm 1:13 says that the person who meditates on Gods law is blessed and they shall be like a tree planted by a river which brings forth fruit in its season, whose leaf does not wither and prospers in all they do. Therefore schedule at least 10 minutes each morning or evening to reap these spiritual benefits as you meditate your stress away. Choose a Scripture that speaks to your stressful situation and then focus your entire attention on it. For example if you are feeling stressed by the daunting challenges facing you, meditate on I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13) Believe this Scripture and ponder it until you begin to feel its truth renewing your mental strength and percolating your physical being.

4. Helping the less fortunate Heeding Matthew 25:42-45 by volunteering your time to feed the hungry in shelters, clothe the naked in childrens home and visiting the sick in hospitals can help you relax since it shifts your mental focus from your stressful situation to the people you are helping. This momentary (or hour long depending on how much time you volunteer) forgetting of your problems can help you relax right in the middle of a stressful situation and feel better about your life in general when you realize you have so much to be grateful for despite your current stressful situation. 5. Keeping the Sabbath Heeding the Lords commandment in Exodus 20:8-11 by working for 6 days and resting on the seventh can help you manage stress more effectively since stress is less likely to wear you down if you take regualar relaxation breaks. Therefore, engage in relaxing and restful activities every Sunday as you commune with God and you will be better able to cope with the stressors of the preceeding six days and face the oncoming week with a relaxed mindset. In conclusion, schedule some time to incorporate some of these Christian stress management relaxation techniques into your lifestyle and learn many more at


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