Top 5 Things To Do in St Thomas, USVI

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Top 5 Things To Do in St Thomas, USVIHaving a hard time deciding where to take your family this summer? Well then, make your vacation a trip to St Thomas in the USVI, where fun and excitement never run out.Beach bumming - Sun, sea and sand. That's what the island paradise is about and the beaches in St Thomas don't disappoint. Let the soft and powdery white sand massage your feet as you walk barefooted, or let it do your whole body when you lie on top of it while having your tan done. The warm crystal clear water is perfect for cooling down after sometime of sun loving. Highly recommended are; Magens, Little Magens, Lindberg, Turtlecove and Sugar bay.Snorkeling and super snorkeling - If you love what you see on the ground, wait till you go underwater. The island's teeming marine life is sure to hold you in utter amazement. Watch the local fishes of different sizes, as well as rays, octopuses, turtles and moray eels as if you are inside a giant aquarium. Gardens of corals of variety is also something to behold. Depending on your budget and gusto, you can have this St. Thomas intimate experience through snorkeling, SNUBA or SCUBA diving.

Outdoor adventure - The Nature Trail at Magen's Bay is a delight to any hiking aficionado. The trail is a 1 and mile walk that goes through the different ecosystems found in the Virgin Islands. On the top of the trail is an overlooking view of the magnificent Magen's bay, which is also a good spot to observe the local bird species. The foot of the trail is an idyllic beach with all the package of an island paradise which is the reason why many visitors opt for a hike down.

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