Top 5 Treks to Do in Maharashtra

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List of 5 treks to go for in Maharashtra. You can go for them through out the year but we suggest go during Monsoon.


Top 5 Treks to do in MaharashtraAuthored by:

SUMMARYMaharashtra is known for the beautiful Shahyadri a.k.a. Western Ghats and stunning forts. Here is the list of top 5 treks to do in Maharashtra.

Safety Tips1. Beware of insects, snakes, letches and etc; 2. Wear a water proof shoe; 3. Raincoat or Poncho is a must; Return to base before sunset; Things to Carry1. Day Pack (Ruck sack) 2. Trekking (Hiking) boots with anklets 3. Raincoat or Poncho 4. Water Bottle 5. Torch (Flash) light and Batteries 6. Toiletries 7. Light weight wind sheeter / Jacket / Pullover 8. Slippers or Sandals

DetailsThe Western Ghats a.k.a. the Sahyadri range are a mountain range that runs almost parallel to the western coast ofIndianpeninsula. It is a UNESCOWorld Heritage Siteand is one of the world's ten "Hottest biodiversity hotspots". A total of thirty nine properties including national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and reserve forests were designated as world heritage sites - twenty inKerala, ten inKarnataka, five inTamil Nadu and four inMaharashtra. The Sahyadris come alive in the Monsoon season which starts roughly around end of June every year & ends around end of August. Here are the 5 treks adventure travelers should not miss in Maharashtra during Monsoon.

Trekking at Kulang - Madangad Alang (Details)Duration 2 to 3 Days Difficulty 2/5 Peak Height 4852 ft Nearest City Igatpuri (20 Km)Kulang, Madan and Alang are adjoining peaks and the most prominent among them is Kulang. Kulang offers the highest climb from its base to the top in the Sahyadris. The huge rocky terrain, falling steeply to the Konkan presents grand sight. Madangad is a difficult peak to reach. A broad rocky staircase takes you to the bottom of the rock climbing wall, one must be experienced and careful while climbing this fortress. Further ahead, steps lead to a broad plateau with a huge cave and water ponds. Alang is a huge fortress of very great natural strength. A series of water cisterns arranged in a semi-circular fashion on the top is a unique sight. Huge caves are there on the top. This trek can be completed in 2-3 days.

Trekking at Harishchandragad - Bhairavgad - Kunjargad(Details)Duration 2 to 3 Days Difficulty 3/5 Peak Height 4671 ft Nearest City Malshej Ghat (20 Km)Harishchandragad hill top is a irregular table-land about 5 km across. On the top there is Ancient temple of lord Siva, large water reservoir and long chain of Brahmanical caves. The major attraction of Harishchandragad is Kokan Kada which is a huge semi-circular rock wall of about 400 m and a most frightening sight. Its beyond description, one should actually see it to experience the nature's architecture. Bhairavgad is a small hill having lot of Jungle around and a Temple of Tribal people on the top. Kunjar means Elephant, Kunjargad hill looks like an Elephant so local people call it Kunjargad. Khireshwar is the base village. Khireshwar - Harishchandragad - Kothala Kunjargad can be covered in 3 days.

Trekking at Kalsubai - Ratangad - Katrabai(Details)Duration 2 to 3 Days Difficulty 4/5 Peak Height 5500 ft Nearest City Nashik (80 Km)The Everest of the Sahyadris, Kalasubai is the highest peak of the mountain range of Sahyadri. Kalsubai is part of the Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary which spreads from Kalasubai to Harischandragad in Akole. Kalsubai trek is a dream trek of every avid trekker in Maharashtra to climb it at least once. There are three ladders on the way to Kalsubai and one needs to be careful while negotiating them. Bari is the base village for Kalsubai trek and the trek duration to Kalsubai is approximately 3-4 hours.

Rajmachi Fort Trekking (Rajmachi - Dhakgad)(Details)Duration 1 2 DaysDifficulty 2/5 Peak Height 3300 ft Nearest City Lonavla (20 Km)The Rajmachi trek is a long trek through dense foliage and enroute the trek one would come across many seasonal waterfalls depending on the route taken. There are many trek routes one can take to Rajmachi and depending on the route taken the trek duration can range from 4 hours to 6 hours. The route from Tungarli near Lonavala is the longest and easiest route to Rajmachi which is about 15 kms long. Enroute Rajmachi on this path is Walvan a picturesque region with many waterfalls dururing monsons, about 8 Kms from Tungarli. It will take about 5.5 hours of hiking to reach Udhewadi the base of Rajmachi fort by this route. All the trek routes converge at Udhivade the base village of Rajmachi. To climb the Rajmachi twin forts of Shrivardhan and Manoranjan it would take another half an hour from Udhivade village.

Trekking at Matheran(Details)Duration 1 Day Difficulty 2/5 Peak Height 2500 ft Nearest City Mumbai / Pune (100 Km)You can start trekking to Matheran starting at Karjat is located in the south-east of Mumbai, on the banks of Ulhas river. The Karjat to Matheran trek is one of the best trekking routes. With more than eight to ten different routes, Matheran (767m) is literally stands for a forest on top of the hill. The dense forest cover, teeming bird life, long walks and flora and fauna make this trekking route an all-time favourite for naturists and adventurists.