Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Files Safe

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  1. 1. Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Files Safe In this article I will summarize some points you should bear in mind when keeping your data back- ups. The more expensive ones can resist a lot bigger voltage spike than the ones that are more affordable. I bought a copy of Windows 7 as soon as I could. It just seemed too cool to pass up--extra speed, extra features, and that new operating system giddiness that you only get if you live in a basement and write on the Internet all day (hey, don't judge). Nevertheless, I had my reservations. Most importantly, I'm recording an album of music on my XP computer, and I didn't want to lose it while upgrading. Plus, what if my music software had problems with the Windows 7 installation (it's previously reacted badly with Windows Vista)? If you decide to back up your important data, you need to decide where you want to backup. Would you like to back up data onto an external drive or want to use a different drive on your computer to perform the same task? The best option is to use an external hard drive to perform this task. If the amount of data is less then you can also consider DVD or flash drives. You can also backup your data manually. You need to choose the files that you want to back up. Now copy the files and paste them on your preferred location where you want to create the backup. You can use another drive on your hard drive or may consider other backup options in this regard. Security is an extremely big deal with so much information now passing through the internet and hackers trying to steal and sell everything they can. Make sure before backing up your data through the internet that it remains safe and secure. One way to do this is by verifying that the backup software encrypts your data before it leaves your computer and stays encrypted when stored on the service company's equipment. Look for at least 128-bit encryption. Also, having the data transferred using SSL (Secured Socket Layer) makes it harder for hackers to intercept, but if they still happen to, the data backup companies is still encrypted. So why aren't we backing up our data? Well, some folks are, but I'm guessing that it is a small percentage of the whole. Most folks think there is a large cost associated with backing up their data. Others think it will cost them large amounts of time. Then there are the others who just don't understand how any of this works and wouldn't know where to start (I'm betting this is most people). Those that do understand how computers work and where their data gets stored start to recognize the importance of saving their data safely. Those that don't understand, wouldn't have even thought about it. If you notice that your computer is not starting up quite as quickly as it usually does, and this decrease in speed cannot be attributed to the installation of new anti-virus software, your hard drive may be suffering from bad blocks/sectors. Choosing the internet backup that can accommodate your files is one of the basic considerations that you must observe. This can be critical for your business since you pay for the space it would not be practical to have two different storage backup for your files. Most businesses make use of the service storing the most important files to keep them safe but as well promoting affordability of the storage needs. Only you have to do is to go for having the best service of online data storage. Judge the best one
  2. 2. and also the most reliable one. Another major problem on having an online data storage is of security. This is the major threat and can never be shorted out permanently. But somehow if you want to save some bucks then you have also to pay for it Never mind you can have a faith on online data storage as well. There are many companies now available in the market which provides the online backup facility in a secure and reliable way. So go and judge for the right thing to backup your data. None of us expect our computers to go down and wipe out all our advice. These supply a safe, mobile system of storage and offer storage of up to 32GB of data. In computers not all components are created equal.