Top 8 Tips On Shopping For Tablets

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Top 8 Tips On Shopping For Tablets

Tablets offer a good balance between portability and functionality and are great for checking emails, surfing the Web and watching video files wherever you are. Here are some key factors that will help you find the perfect tablet for your needs:1 Display sizeMost tablets use either 10-inch or 7-inch displays. Bigger displays are great if you watch multimedia files or read e-books. Tablets with 7-inch displays are easier to carry. Screens that support multi-touch make it easier to manipulate and interact with apps and multimedia files.2 Screen resolutionScreens that support full-HD (1,920 x 1,020) resolution and beyond may cost more, but are great for watching HD videos. This also lets you display more items on screen, as the higher resolution means that each pixel is smaller.

3 SpecificationsMulti-core processors and additional memory boost response time, making it easier to run several apps simultaneously. More powerful graphics processors offer improved support for HD movies as well as 3D gaming performance.Buy a tablet with as much built-in storage as possible, as this will give you more space for multimedia files and apps.Some tablets feature extra touches that you may find useful, such as water-resistant coatings that can help protect against spills especially useful if you have young children or often use your tablet at cafes or restaurants.4 Stay in touchHigh-quality built-in cameras will let you capture full-HD videos, as well as have face-to-face video chats with the people who matter most family and loved ones. 5 AccessoriesTablets with docking stations offer user-friendly features such as QWERTY key- boards and extended battery life. More popular models may have a wider selection of aftermarket accessories such as cases to individualise your tablet.6 Operating systemA tablet using the same operating system (OS) as your mobile phone makes it easier to sync files, contacts, calendars, etc. between your devices with cloud storage. 7 AppsWhats a mobile device without its apps?Apps add plenty of functionality to a tablet, letting you work on office documents and multimedia files and connect to social networks. The right app makes it possible to connect remotely to your home PC and stream files directly to your tablet, while other devices can function as a universal remote control with compatible devices.Some apps are written only for a specific OS, so check if that must-have app is supported by your tablets OS.8 ConnectivityHow do you want to connect to the Internet? If you use your tablet mostly at home, then a Wi-Fi-only model may be more suitable.You can use 3G and 4G models virtually anywhere, but these usually cost slightly more and youll also need a subscription plan.Other connectivity options such as Bluetooth, infra-red, USB and HDMI make your tablet more versatile, though any external connectors may add to its size and weight.

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