Top Ten Free Things to do in Cape Town

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Ten of the Best things to do for free in Cape Town, South Africa


  • Cape Town


  • Visit Bo-KaapA delight for the senses, magical Bo-Kaap is a lively section of the Mother Cities CBD. !Coble stoned streets pave the way for visitors to view the multicoloured homes of the locals. Venture a little deeper into the suburb to discover the Museum (Iziko Bo-Kaap Museum), detailing the history of this vibrant attraction. !Youll learn that Bo-Kaap is home to the very first established Muslim Mosque in South Africa. !The firing of the Noon Day Gun (Cape Towns Oldest Tradition) started on August 4th, 1902 and still occurs daily at 12h00. !Visit the Bo-Kaap Kombuis (Kitchen)

    To Get You Started: !Meet at the corners of Wale and Buitengracht street to begin your Bo-Kaap adventure. !As you enter the district, youll find the museum on your left. (71 Wale Street). Visit & then keep going up the road. ![All photographs you see on these pages were taken in this road.] !Museum Details: 71 Wale Street, Bo-Kaap, Cape Town Call: +27 21 481 3938 !Lunch or Dinner: 7 August Street Call: +27 21 422 5446 !


  • Bo-Kaap was formerly known as The Malay Quarter and has been the traditional home of the Cape Town Muslim population since the late 18th century. #bokaap #fact #thingstoknow #tenofthebest #history

    The Bo-Kaap museum was established in 1978 and is open Mondays to Saturdays from 10h00 until 17h00. !#bokaap #fact #thingstoknow #tenofthebest #history

    January 2nd {Tweede Nuwejaar} celebrates a huge street party which is commonly referred to as the Coon Carnival. It runs through the centre of the city from the Grand Parade to the Green Point stadium. !The tradition was introduced by Muslim Slaves celebrating their only off day for the year. !#bokaap #fact #thingstoknow #tenofthebest #history

    The Fine Print: Be respectful. Ladies cover up. When you can, for safety, travel in small groups.


    The left hand of Cecil John Rhodes is outstretched to the North and an inscription on the Pedestal of Table Mountain sandstone reads, Your hinterland is there.

  • The Company Gardens

    Places of interest: !

    In 1652, under the instruction of the Dutch East India Company, a garden was created to supply passing ships with fresh produce. !Now, 350 years later, we refer to it as the Company Gardens. !A large public park filled with commemorative statues, national galleries, museums and many, many squirrels. !Start at the top of Adderley street and enter the wide paved walkway used by thousands of locals each day.

    Look out for local buskers and musicians as you make your way up the path - Even pop up galleries occasionally make their way into the Company Gardens. !If you travel with a handful of nuts, feed a squirrel - Theyre used to being fed so are comfortable coming up and taking it from the palm of your hand. !Enjoy a game of chess outside of the newly refurbished restaurant - Moving the giant pawns will help work up your appetite.

  • Hike Lions HeadWell, hike may be ambitious. Its the perfect walk although its not for the faint hearted. You will need to be walking fit - the first bit is extremely strenuous. !For the adventurous there are chains and ladders to tackle - For those who prefer their feet on the ground, you can go around. !Regardless which you choose, it offers unbeatable 360 degree views of the City and its shoreline.

    Put aside 2 hours (up and down) Take water, sunblock and a jumper The weather can change quickly in Cape Town). Sunrise & sunset weekend hikes are very popular with the locals. !! #lionshead #ontopoftheworld #imadeit #iLoveCapeTown #BestCityEver !

  • Go To The Beach

    Beautiful beaches - Thats what the Cape is about. Yes, and the mountain and the people and the culture and the winelands and the excellent restaurants and the diverse culture, but the Beaches, they cant be ignored. ! #Clifton #CampsBay #Boulders #Muizenberg #GordonsBay #Llandudno #Blouberg #BigBay #Strand #FishHoek !

    #LollyToMakeYouJolly{Things you might hear an ice cream seller say}

    #iLoveCapeTown #BeachVibes #Footprints

  • Meet a PenguinAfrican penguins are on the endangered species list. !The Boulders Penguin colony was established in 1983 and sadly, penguin population numbers are down since its inception due to any number of reasons, including: Oil spills, over fishing and habitat destruction. !There are ways to spots around Simons Town to view these awkward looking little beauties, but we would like to encourage you to visit Boulders where your donation can

    help make a difference. !If youd like further information on how to help the plight of the penguins, you can contact SANCCOB on +27 21 557 6155. !Contact details for the Boulders Visitors Centre: +27 21 786 2329 !Pay to walk on the Boardwalk or visit the beach and make a difference. R60 per adult, R30 per child. *Prices quoted for Feb 2015.

  • Tafelberg Road

    A trip up the cable car offers some amazing views - A stroll along Tafelberg Road offers something similar. #samesamebutdifferent !If you are travelling by car, drive along as though you were going to the Cable Car. and then keep going. When you get to the end, park your car and enjoy a leisurely stroll taking in all the sights and sounds this mountain pass has to offer. !Youll love it. Relaxed with spectacular views - Just before sunset, cant be beaten.

  • The PromenadeA late afternoon run, an early morning walk, or a mid day cycle. There are no rules. The Sea Point promenade welcomes everyone, anytime. !There are art installations, play areas, an outdoor gym, all kinds of treats to keep you and your family entertained. !Ice-cream stops & picnic spots. Whichever you fancy along the seaside walk way. Watch out for waves breaking over the edge - The water is icy cold. !French Bulldog fans, keep your eyes on the lookout. If you want to see one of these beautiful pups going for their daily walk, this is the spot. !Further along towards Mouille Point youll find a putt putt course as well as a kiddies Blue Train.


  • Green Point ParkThe Green Point Park transformed the neighbourhood from a number of unsightly parking lots into an oasis of green surrounding the Cape Town Stadium. !The park is the perfect location to walk the dogs, play with the kids or stroll hand in hand while taking in the magnificent backdrop that is Table Mountain & Lions Head.

    Within the park youll find the Biodiversity garden showcasing a unique selection of flora endemic to Cape Town. !An interesting amount of bird species can be found throughout the park, both on land and in the water ways. !The park is open from sunrise to sunset daily.

  • Greenmarket SquareThe cobble stone market can be found between short market and long market streets in the city centre. !Built in 1696, the square now houses the market daily (closed on Sundays), full of local arts and crafts, beaded jewellery, sunglasses & local buskers + dancers. !Restaurants and sidewalk cafe surround the square - Perfect for people watching.

  • If youve made your way to Greenmarket square, it only makes sense to take a walk down St Georges Mall. !The open air shopping walk way houses a combination of informal stalls, traders, art galleries, restaurants and african curio shops. At the top end of the street, close to the entrance to the Company Gardens, youll even find a piece of the Berlin Wall. !St Georges mall runs parallel with Adderley street, which itself hosts a Cape Town monument or two - The fountains and rose sellers. !Take a walk down Adderley street to the flower market - Beautiful roses, proteas and many other fresh flowers are on sale daily.

  • The V&A WaterfrontOpen 9am - 9pm daily, The V & A Waterfront, perfectly located at the foot of table mountain, caters to every need of locals and tourists alike. !Restaurants, shopping, entertainment, markets, food stalls, helicopter flips, movies, boat rides, yacht trips, you name it, the waterfront has it. !!!

    !! #SaveTheBestForLast #TheWaterfront #iLoveCapeTown #BestCityEver

  • Head to the information centre & collect a map to start the free walking tour. Duration +/- 1 hour, taking you to 32 points of interest.

    Nobel Square pays tribute to SA Nobel Peace Laureates: Nkosi Albert Luthuli, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, F.W. de Klerk and the beloved Nelson Mandela.

    Head to the Clock Tower to see Seal Landing - A dock for cape fur seals.

    The Two Oceans Aquarium is home to over 3000 fish, a few Turtles, penguins and those intimidating sharks.

  • Guide designed & composed by | Photography by Darren Bester -


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