Top Ten Things That Adults Should Do

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Top Ten Things That adults should do

1) They should stop smoking. 2) They should stop drinking. 3) They should stop nagging their children. 4) They should stop yelling. 5) They should stop arguing with each other. 6) They should not be allowed to spank their children. 7) They should make enough money to keep their families happy. 8) They should spend more time with their own families, not just once a week but everyday. 9) They should be more honest.10) They should let their kids do anything they want!

While making this list I realized that my parents would not pass the test. On Monday I got into trouble. My mother screamed at me for what seemed like hours, and then spanked me. That night my dad came home really late, and the fight between him and Mom woke me up. Tuesday morning I wanted to stay at home. I didnt feel very well. But I had to go to school anyway. On Wednesday my father told me not

VocabularyYell: Cry out loudlySpank: Slap somebody on the buttocks with a flat objectScream: Sharp cryPractice what one preaches: Do something that one tells others to doBe after: Pursue relentlessly Miss: Fail to accomplish

What does it mean? He should practice what he peachesMy folks have missed most of the items on the list!

Comprehension1.Why is the speaker so unhappy?2. How was he punished?3.When is the father at home?4.Does father smoke? Drink? What about Mum?5.How many rules were broken on each day?

Discussion Points 1. Do you think the situation described is ordinary? 2. How many of these rules do your parents obey? 3. Which item on the list do you most strongly agree with? 4. Which one do you disagree with the most? 5. What would your Top Ten list be? 6. If you were an adult, do you think you could pass all ten items?

Opinion Samples EdwinIt is natural for a young person to feel alienated from his parents. Adults are more mature, more tired, more experienced, and less idealistic than kids are. They realize that the world is not a perfect place and they cant always do the things they really want to do, even if they hope that life will be better for their own kids. Boys and girls may see the world with great innocence and clarity, but they are still protected from most pressures and hardships.

ConnieIf adults have lost their ideals, they should not put the blame on how difficult things are. They ought to confess that they have made bad choices, and understand that their children want to look up to them. Teenagers do not know all the answers either, of course, but often they clearly know how things could be better. And they can be more critical about their own behaviour, and change bad habits more easily, than adults can, but only if everyone in the family is equally honest and willing to try. Kids are people too!

MarcoNaturally, making a list outlining someone elses shortcomings is always easier than meeting somebody elses standards. If someone wanted to criticize your behaviour, dont you think they could probably draw up a list of at least 10 items? The real trick would be to draw up a list now about parental misbehaviour and try to apply it to your own life when you grow up. Recognize now what kinds of activities and attitudes are wrong, and try to be consistent.

VocabularyAlienated: IsolatedIdealistic: Believing very firmly in something, which is good but properly impossible to achieveInnocence: Lack of experience of and the bad things people doClarity: ClearnessOutline: Give the main points of somethingStandards: Traditional principles of good behaviourTrick: Effective and skilful way of doing something difficult Consistent: Continually following the same principles of course of actionHardship: Cause of suffering or difficulty Draw up: Write up