Top ten ways to demonstrate your professionalism

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<ul><li><p>ss</p><p>inate knowledge. Ten years ago, a group of highly visionary focusedheart failure nurses designed and created the American Associationof Heart Failure Nurses as a vehicle to promote these professionalendeavors. This year we are celebrating the10th anniversary of thatevent. We are extremely grateful to those leaders for their foresight,and are fortunate to have the strong foundation for professionalheart failure nursing practice.</p><p>opment opportunities, and leadership roles.8. Collegiality: Network and visit with hundreds of other heart</p><p>your patients lives. Learn what you can do improve theiroutcomes and quality of life, and provide the best heart failurecare possible!</p><p>Join us in Los Angeles June 26e28 to Celebrate the Past andDene the Future to advance your profession and demonstrateyour professionalism. Hope to see you there.</p><p>Contents lists available at ScienceDirect</p><p>&amp;</p><p>w</p><p>Heart &amp; Lung 43 (2014) 175e176The purpose of a professional association is to set standards ofpractice for the profession, promote the profession to the public,educate members on issues through continuing education andpublications, advocate for members in other arenas, and provideopportunities for members to interact discuss trends and dissem-</p><p>failure nurses from around the country through multiple op-portunities to meet, discuss, share information, and have fun.</p><p>9. Collaboration: Connect with the top leaders in heart failure asthey share their insights and knowledge.</p><p>10. Values: Strengthen your core values to make a difference inAAHFN Leadership Message</p><p>Top ten ways to demonstrate your profe</p><p>Peggy Kirkwood, RN, MSN, ACNPC, AACC, CHFN</p><p>A professional is dened as an individual expected to displaycompetent and skillful behaviors in alignment with their denedprofession. As an inventor, a visionary, a missionary and thefounder of professional nursing, Florence Nightingale set the barhigh by expecting excellence in nursing practice.</p><p>As nurses, we bear the responsibility to uphold the values of ourprofession. Nurses typically identify their core values as honesty,responsibility, pursuit of new knowledge, belief in human dignity,equality of all patients, and the desire to prevent and alleviatesuffering. Attributes of professionalism, then, could be stated as:</p><p> Knowledge Spirit of inquiry Accountable Autonomous Advocate Innovative Visionary Collegial Collaborative Ethical</p><p>Heart</p><p>journal homepage: w0147-9563/$ e see front matter 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.</p><p>The AAHFN 10th Annual Meeting, June 26e28, 2014, in LosAngeles will be a celebration of the incredible accomplishmentsachieved over the past 10 years, as well as a look ahead to what ourfuture might be.</p><p>Listed here are the top ten reasons for attending this conferenceto support your profession and enhance the attributes ofprofessionalism:</p><p>1. Knowledge: Expand your knowledge of heart failure nursingby choosing from multiple learning opportunitiesdgeneralsessions, pre-conference workshops, breakfast and dinnersessions, product theaters, and power-hour sessions.</p><p>2. Spirit of inquiry: Examine and explore the Research and Clin-ical Innovations posters that will be available, including themoderated sessions to expand on particular ideas.</p><p>3. Accountability: Discover how you can live your personal legacyto create the future of your professional practice. In addition,learn how AAHFN is creating its legacy through leadership,education, advocacy, research, and member support.</p><p>4. Autonomy: Learnwhat you can do toworkwithin your scope ofpractice to provide high quality nursing care for your heartfailure patients and families.</p><p>5. Advocacy: Experience why AAHFN is sought out for our in-sights and inuence in the community and why we are seen asthe leaders in heart failure nursing.</p><p>6. Innovation: Learn how to show initiative and become involvedto foster a culture of innovation to enhance nursing practiceand patient outcomes.</p><p>7. Vision: Hear how the foundation for AAHFN was built by ourvisionary leaders through the development of annual meet-ings, certication program, publications, professional devel-</p><p>Lung</p><p></p></li><li><p>Author Descriptions</p><p>Peggy L. Kirkwood is a Cardiovascular and Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner atMission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California, as well as a Heart Failure NP for aCardiology group. Peggy has developed several programs within Mission Hospital,including a Transition Clinic, a Womens Heart Health Program, a Palliative CareProgram, a Summer Camp for Kids program, and a Pulmonary Hypertension Pro-gram. As a charter member of AAHFN, Peggy has served as Annual Meeting Chair-person, member of the Board of Directors for 4 years and is currently serving asPresident.</p><p>Peggy Kirkwood, RN, MSN, ACNPC, AACC, CHFN, President*American Association of Heart Failure Nurses</p><p>Mount Laurel, NJ, USA</p><p>Mission HospitalMission Viejo, CA, USA</p><p>* Corresponding author.E-mail addresses:,</p><p>AAHFN Leadership Message / Heart &amp; Lung 43 (2014) 175e176176</p><p>Top ten ways to demonstrate your professionalismAuthor Descriptions</p></li></ul>