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2. Totem Poles are made by the indigenous peoples of thePacific Northwest Coast of North America. 3. Totem Poles aremonumentalsculptures carvedfrom large trees.They are found inthe Pacific NWalong the coastup to Alaska. 4. Because the NorthwestCoast is arainforest, the woodrots quickly. Because ofthis, there are very fewexamples of totempoles carved before1900. Another reasonwhy there are few oldexamples is becausemissionaries thoughtthem to be religioussymbols and had themburned. 5. Totem Poles are free-standing and use 3basic colors:reds, blue-greens, andblack. 6. Artists still carvetotem poles today.Todays carvers chargefrom $500 to $3,000per foot for theirtotem poles. 7. Types of Totem PolesCrest Totem Poles: Usually part of a house, theyportray a familys ancestry and the emblems of itsclan.Story-telling Totem Poles: The most commontype, these are made for a wedding, to preservehistory or to ridicule bad debtors.Mortuary Totem Poles: These totem poles aremade to honor the dead. Cremation ashes areoften kept in a compartment in the back. A singlefigure represents the deceased person or theirclan. 8. The vertical order of images is widely believed to be a significant representation ofimportance. The higher the figures on the pole the more important or prestigiousthey are. This is where the phrase "low man on the totem pole" comes from. 9. Sometimes, however, animportant family will place theirfamily crest on the bottom of thetotem pole. This makes it look likeit is supporting all the otherfigures. Because a tree is thickestat its base, this figure would be alot bigger too, making it seemmore important. Placement on thebottom also brings that figurecloser to the people, increasingtheir interaction with that crest. 10. YOUR PROJECT 11. You will be creating a totem pole from your castCreastone block. You will create a sketch of thefront and back to help you plan your carving.Remember, this is a SUBTRACTIVE sculpture, soonce material is removed, it cannot be replaced. 12. Your Project must include:* at least 4 figures* a vertical order of importance* at least one attachment 13. Remember, this is a Sculpture in theRound. That means it is seen from allsides. Make sure your sculpture isINTERESTING on ALL sides! 14. IDEASYou may choose to copy NW Coast figures.You may create your own figures using the style and colors ofthe NW Coast.You may use Pop culture or other figures to create your ownoriginal totem pole.Attachments can include:ears, nose, beak, arms, legs, antennae, horns, whiskers, wings 15. You can carve entirebodies, justheads, or a mixtureof both.Remember, you canbe as creative asyou want, so youcan carve objectstoo, like favoritefoods, drinks, etc.