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1 Totnes & Bridgetown Parish Magazine, May 2018

Totnes & ridgetown Parish Magazine, May 2018€¦ · Totnes & ridgetown Parish Magazine, May 2018 . 2 OVER PHOTO. Reflections in the River Dart above the Totnes weir by J ... May

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Text of Totnes & ridgetown Parish Magazine, May 2018€¦ · Totnes & ridgetown Parish Magazine, May 2018 ....

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    Totnes & Bridgetown Parish Magazine, May 2018

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    COVER PHOTO. Reflections in the River Dart above the Totnes weir by J.H.

    In celebration of the royal wedding come and

    enjoy a delicious devonshire cream tea while

    listening to the talented Mr Ripley (aka. Gywn

    George) play the piano. Donations graciously

    requested for the friends of st. Mary’s stained

    glass window restoration fund. Reflecting prince

    Harry and Meghan’s wish that gifts be given to

    charity on this happy occasion.

    Friday 18th may 2pm to 4pm

    The parish and priory church of st. Mary the virgin,

    High street totnes. Everyone is welcome.

    (Charity no.1144918. Further information Sandra tel.01626 330049).

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    SUNDAY SERVICES May be subject to change: check the weekly bulletins or website for updates.

    6 May

    Easter 6

    13 May

    Easter 7

    20 May


    27 May


    3 June

    Trinity 1





    JO Iona


    JL SJ



    9.30 /11.15

    JO JO



    Compline JO/SJ



    Compline JO/SJ




    TOWN 6.30

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    Whenever I get

    gloomy with the state

    of the world, I think

    about the arrivals gate

    at Heathrow Airport.

    General opinion’s

    starting to make out

    that we live in a world

    of hatred and greed,

    but I don’t see that. It

    seems to me that love

    is everywhere. Often

    it’s not particularly dig-

    nified or newsworthy,

    but it’s always there –

    fathers and sons,

    mothers and daugh-

    ters, husbands and

    wives, boyfriends, girl-

    friends, old

    friends........ When the

    planes hit the Twin

    Towers, as far as I

    know, none of the

    phone calls from the

    people on board were

    messages of hate or

    revenge – they were

    all messages of

    love....... If you look

    for it, I’ve got a sneaky

    feeling you’ll find that

    love actually is all


    Grant's opening lines

    in the film Love Actu-


    With three of our chil-

    dren having the taste

    for travel and working

    in different countries

    around the globe,

    we've spent a fair

    amount of time hang-

    ing around the arrivals

    gate at various air-

    ports, waiting excited-

    ly, anticipating that

    moment of recognition

    as they walk through

    the doors, looking for-

    ward to a joyful reun-

    ion. This means, of

    course, that we've al-

    so endured the depar-

    tures gate experience,

    struggling to hold back

    the selfish tears and

    hide the heavy heart,

    dreading the moment

    of that last hug before

    they walk away with-

    out looking back.

    The pain of parting is

    countered by pride in

    their achievements

    and in their grasping

    of opportunities way

    beyond the reach of

    our generation, and

    joy in their growth to

    adulthood - but not

    before that pain is tru-

    ly felt. I recall the

    words of Kahlil Gibran

    in the Prophet..... 'for

    even as love crowns

    you so shall he crucify


    In the poem Walking

    Away, C. Day Lewis

    describes the moment

    he knew he must let

    his son go '....like a

    winged seed loosened

    from its parent

    stem....'. He contin-


    I have had worse part-

    ings, but none that so

    Gnaws at my mind

    still. Perhaps it is

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    Saying what God

    alone could perfectly

    show –

    How selfhood begins

    with a walking away,

    And love is proved in

    the letting go.

    I reflect on familiar

    words from John's

    gospel.....'For God so

    loved the world that

    he gave his only

    Son.....'. I reflect too,

    on my ministry at the

    hospice - for some, a

    final departure lounge,

    where love actually is

    all around, so evident

    in the give-and-take of

    life.....and I continue

    to pray daily, and

    would encourage oth-

    ers to do so too, 'In

    the pleasures and

    pains of life may I

    know the love of

    Christ and be thank-


    With every blessing

    Rev’d Gill


    14 - 18 May 2018

    Make or update your

    Will during Rowcroft’s

    Make a Will Week and

    support your local

    hospice to make every

    day the best day pos-

    sible for over 2,000

    patients and families

    in South Devon.

    Each May, for one

    week only, local par-

    ticipating solicitors

    waive their entire fee

    for making or updating

    Wills in return for a

    donation to the hos-

    pice. The suggested

    donations are £175 for

    a single Will and £225

    for mirror Wills. For

    Wills requiring special-

    ist advice, a fee can

    be agreed in advance.

    Making a Will ensures

    that your family’s fu-

    ture is secure and that

    your wishes will be

    followed through. It is

    also important to

    leave something for

    your local Church: just

    1% of your Estate

    could fund some

    much-needed im-

    provement to its fab-

    ric, music or mission!

    If you are interested

    please talk to Church-

    wardens Martin Har-

    vey or Julian Hall, or

    one of the Clergy.

    To make or update

    your Will as part of

    Make a Will Week

    please get in touch

    with one of the local

    participating solicitors.

    Please mention

    Rowcroft’s Make a

    Will Week when book-

    ing your appointment.

    The participating So-

    licitors in Totnes are:

    Windeatts, 19 High

    Street, Totnes TQ9

    5NW. Tel. 01803

    862233. A list of other

    Solicitors in the Tor-

    bay area is available

    on request.

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    You will all know that Totnes is a

    Fair Trade town. Many of our busi-

    nesses and organisations work hard

    to support Fair Trade.

    As a volunteer for Traidcraft, the

    original fair trade company, I am

    passionate about helping people to

    buy as

    much as

    possible of

    their regu-

    lar grocery


    from fair




    ly super-

    markets are not stocking fairly

    traded products and of course we

    recently lost the Co-op in the town.

    Traidcraft is an independent trad-

    ing company which sells a huge

    range of groceries with the flow

    mark i.e. they are certified as being

    Fairtrade and so producers get a

    fair price and are free to decide

    locally how to spend their fair

    trade premium to benefit the local

    community. Traidcraft also regular-

    ly pioneers new products e.g. their

    household range made with

    fairtrade palm oil from peasant

    farmers not plantations. Traidcraft

    trades with the most vulnerable,

    most remote and marginalised

    farmers who could not cope with

    the demands or scale required by

    big business or supermarkets.

    Traidcraft Exchange, the charity

    wing of the company, runs projects

    developing people's potential to

    trade their way out of poverty and

    gives farm-

    ers the

    skills base

    to farm in



    ments of-

    ten made

    worse by



    There is also a campaign wing which

    lobbies big business and govern-

    ment for fundamental changes to

    the way trade works so that it ben-

    efits, rather than exploits, the


    As a fairtrader for Traidcraft, I

    am able to provide fairtrade goods

    from peanut butter to teabags,

    from washing up liquid to organic

    dates, from good quality coffee to

    tasty geosticks, at prices which are

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    discounted from those you would

    pay from the Traidcraft catalogue

    or website.

    You can order from me at any time

    ([email protected]) and I will

    happily deliver to you but I am in-

    tending to have more stalls in Tot-

    nes in the future. Here are the

    forthcoming ones:

    Wednesday April 25th 10am - 12pm

    St John's Community Cafe, Bridge-


    Sunday May 6th after the 9.30am

    service at St John's

    Wednesday June 6th 10am - 12pm

    St John's Community Cafe

    Sunday July 8th after the 11.15am

    service at St Mary's

    More details from Viv Elce 01803


    It’s just a thought. By Revd, Cliff Berdinner

    Hello again, do you remember in the Bible a man called Abraham? He lived in a place called Ur in present day Iraq. He is probably the most important man in the Old Testament because God was

    able, through Abraham and his wife Sarah, to become the spiritu-al father of the great monotheistic faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    In the Bible, Abraham is called the Friend of God. Why is he called the friend of God? Well because one day Abraham got a call from God. No, not on his smart phone, but in his mind he heard God say, ‘Go forth from your land, and from your birth, and from your father’s

    Back by popular demand, St

    Mary’s Tuesday Coffee Mornings

    throughout the Summer months

    from 1st May.

    Tables and chairs outside the

    Church, weather permitting.

    Toasted Teacakes a Speciality.

    From 10.00am to 1pm. Music by

    Mair Pattersun (most weeks

    11am). In aid of The Friends of

    St. Mary’s stained glass window


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    house to a land that I will show you’. In other words, leave your comforts behind, your security, your upbringing and your culture and go on an unknown journey to another land.

    And Abraham just said ‘Yes’!

    I suppose we have all said yes when we have been asked to do things. It has come quite easily, and then we wish we hadn’t, es-pecially if the going gets a bit hard.

    So there needs to be another kind of yes. This time it is not a simple yes of the head but a yes of the heart.

    Abraham decided to put his trust in what he believed God had told him to do. And it is because of Abraham’s faith that he is called the friend of God. The yes of the heart is the desire to journey wherever God may lead us. So it is not so easy this time to say yes to God’s call to what is a deep commitment. But Abraham’s faith assured him that he would not travel alone. This acceptance, however, did not mean that he would find the journey easy going. In fact there is no guarantee that anyone who sets out on a journey with God will float along without facing unexpected challenges.

    Of real significance is the fact that when we do say yes in our hearts we begin to realize that we are

    being drawn by God and that it is all about God, and we are not as important as we may have thought we were. We become, as the Shaman healer would say, a ‘hollow bone’ through which the Spirit of healing can flow.

    And did you think that was it?!

    Well not quite because there has to be another yes. This time it is the yes of the feet! This is the yes of willingness. I love those words in scripture that say, ‘How beauti-ful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace…’. Have you got beautiful feet? Oh dear, mine are all arthritic, corns and painful joints!

    Yet our willingness to let God walk with us, and lead us, and through us bring peace and comfort to those we meet on the way, make our feet beautiful. Yes, you can have beautiful feet!!

    So there we are dear friends. When God calls us, we need to say yes not once but three times. Yes to our head, then yes to our heart, and finally yes to our feet. And that last yes is our enthusi-asm and passion to get up and go – in faith - and we, too, will be-come a friend of God.

    So my prayer for us all, and no less for myself, is that God will richly bless us on our spiritual journey through all its ups and downs.

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    Be grateful for God’s grace

    ‘To me, who am less than the

    least of all the saints, this grace

    was given.’ - Ephesians 3:8

    One day the Pharisees caught a

    woman in the act of adultery. The

    law of Moses was clear; she must

    be stoned. And the Pharisees

    were ready to do it. This woman

    probably thought that Jesus, be-

    ing righteous, would agree. She

    had no lawyer to defend her, not

    even a character witness! But

    suddenly Jesus stoops and be-

    gins to write in the sand. Some

    scholars think that perhaps He

    wrote down their sins, including

    times and places, etc. When He

    looks up, the woman’s accusers

    have gone. He says to her,

    ‘Neither do I condemn you; go

    and sin no more’ (John 8:11

    NKJV). That day Jesus lifted her

    from a position of undeniable guilt

    to one of unconditional pardon.

    She didn’t deserve it; she didn’t

    even know it was possible. And

    that’s your story too, isn’t it? One

    day Abraham Lincoln watched a

    plantation owner bidding for a

    slave girl. Figuring he was going

    to buy her and abuse her, Lincoln

    paid the price to set her free.

    ‘Does this mean I can go wherev-

    er I want to go?’ she asked. Lin-

    coln said, ‘Yes, you’re free!’ With

    tears streaming down her face

    she replied, ‘Then, sir, I will go

    with you.’ The word ‘grace’ is so

    important Paul mentions it three

    times more than any other writer.

    Remembering the violent life he

    lived, he writes, ‘To me, who am

    less than the least of all the

    saints, this grace was given.’ The

    word ‘grace’ comes from the

    Greek word charis, meaning ‘pure

    joy’. Although you don’t deserve

    it, God considers saving you to be

    a ‘pure joy’

    From UCB's Word for Today, a free

    publication available in both our

    churches and throughout the UK.

    Web www.ucb.co.uk


    Antique and modern furniture restored and repaired

    French polishing undertaken

    Tel : 01803 863030


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    Learn Spanish with a very unique native

    speaker who has developed

    her very own methods to

    facilitate language tuition to

    every single individual (15

    years experience) in the com-

    fort of your own home or

    come out !

    Interested ?

    Call on 01803 862912

    Advertising charges

    Totnes & Bridgetown Parish Magazine

    Based on A5 pages, 12 monthly insertions

    Circulation: 100 printed copies + approx. 200 sent via email.

    Contact Mr Julian Hall, t: 01803 867537, e: [email protected]

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    greyscale (inner


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    A Polish immigrant went to get an eye test. The optician showed him a card with

    the letters. On the bottom row were these letters: 'C Z W I X N O S T A C Z.'

    'Can you read this?' the optician asked. 'Read it?' the Polish man replied - 'I know

    the fellow.'

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    Team Rector, The Reverend Prebendary Julian C OuId 01803 865615, The Revd. Deborah Parsons, Team Vicar 01803 840113

    Licensed Reader/Safeguarding Officer Liz Waterson 01803 849345, (Childline 0800 1111) The Reverend John Luscombe 01803 864514, [email protected] Licensed Reader, Tony Gregg 01803 813885,

    Support Group: This group is open to anyone who is suffering from bereavement or any other kind of loss. For full details contact

    Rev'd Deborah Parsons on 01803 840113.


    St Mary's Totnes

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    6.30 pm Alternate 1st Sunday

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    Sung Eucharist


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    Major Saints' Days

    9.00 am at St Mary's Eucharist

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    Come and support our sale of homemade

    outside the Church on Saturday 26th May 10am-12.30pm

    All proceeds to be divided between the Church Flower

    Fund and the Senior & Junior Choir Fund Registered Charity number 1128123





    & Bakes

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    Earthwoodtrees A tree surgery and landscaping

    business based in Totnes, offering a trustworthy, professional service

    We offer emergency call out day or night covering South Hams Torbay and Teignbridge.

    Free no obligation quotes ● Friendly service ● Fully qualified & insured. Call 07791 839960 or visit www.earthwoodtrees.uk for more information.