Tour de France Winners

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Tour de France Winners listing of almost all earlier races. Interesting facts along with figures regarding Tour de France winners & the 1st Tour de France event kept in 1903.


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  • Tour De France is a popular

    multiple stage cycle race held

    annually in France.

    Which also passes throught the

    nearest countries? This

    amazing bicycle racign game

    was first started on 1903 to

    increase the paper sale of


  • Now it is run by Amaury Sport Organization. This race was so successful that from all the corners of the world are coming to participate in this auspicious racing game. Watch Tour de france winners on TV and laptop. This racing is mostly held in the month of July annually.

  • This year also Tour de France

    is going to start pm 4th July

    Sunday to 26th July 2015.

    This 102 Tour De France this

    time will be made of 21


  • There will 9 flat stages to easily access

    3 difficult hill stages to climb and climb down

    There will be higher 5 mountain stages as well as 5 altitude finishes

    There will be one individual time-trial stage to pass

    Racer will be given the two days rest during this tournament

  • People who are passionate for

    cycling and obsessive to do the

    cycling can see this live link

    performance on German TV.

  • So now you can get all the live

    coverage of full race

    seamlessly by this German TV


    Follow the Tour De France race

    live coverage starts from 4th

    July 2015.