Tour of Africa Raegan. Victoria Falls- Zimbabwe/Zambia The falls is 1690m wide. The highest point is 103m high. At the lowest water level there are less

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<p>Tour of Africa</p> <p>Tour of AfricaRaegan Victoria Falls- Zimbabwe/ZambiaThe falls is 1690m wide.The highest point is 103m high.At the lowest water level there are less than 20000 cubic meters of water per minute flowing through the falls.Pyramids of Giza- EgyptThis is the biggest pyramid in the world.The pyramids were built with cut limestone blocks.They are a popular tourist site.</p> <p>Marrakech- MoroccoIt is filled with cultural and natural treasures.It is a major city in Northwest Africa.It is continuing to grow in population everyday.Virunga Mountains- Uganda, Rwanda, DRCThe mountains are a chain of volcanos.Virunga is the English word for Kinyarwanda which means Volcanos.These mountains are the home of the endangered Mountain Gorilla.</p> <p>Kruger National Park- South AfricaIt is one of the largest game reserves in Africa.It became the first national park in 1926.The park has nine main gates to get in!</p>