Towards A Global Data Service Some Perspectives from IASSIST December 9, 2005 Presented by Ernie Boyko President IASSIST

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Towards A Global Data Service Some Perspectives from IASSIST December 9, 2005 Presented by Ernie Boyko President IASSIST Slide 2 Congratulations from Congratulations to the Russian Sociological Data Archive for five years of operationfrom IASSIST Canada* Canadas Data Liberation Initiative *Canada does not have a data archive Slide 3 Outline About IASSIST IASSISTs Goals and Membership IASSIST Milestones Looking at the future The Evolution of Data Archives Conclusions Slide 4 About IASSIST IASSIST is an international organization of professionals working with information technology and data services to support research and teaching in the social sciences. Slide 5 IASSISTs Goals to foster and promote a network of excellence for data service delivery to advance infrastructure in the social sciences to provide opportunities for collegial exchange of sound professional practices Slide 6 IASSIST Members Its 200 members work in a variety of settings: data archives statistical agencies research centers Libraries academic departments government departments non-profit organizations. Slide 7 IASSIST Committees and Action Groups Administrative Committee Education Committee Membership Committee Publications Committee International Outreach Strategic Planning Data Documentation and Citation Interest Group Slide 8 Selected IASSIST Milestones Planning its 32 nd annual conference to be held in Ann Arbor Michigan, May 22- 26, 2006 Over 200 members from United States, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa Annual training and workshops Founding member and supporter of the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Slide 9 Selected IASSIST Milestones contd Outreach program- funded 47 attendees at IASSIST conferences Has sent its experts to other countries Stays at the forefront of data service initiatives Slide 10 What kind of a Future is IASSIST working towards? IASSISTs three main strategic directions for are Advocacy, Outreach, and Education. Slide 11 Strategic Direction-Advocacy Engage in Advocacy on Issues of Importance to IASSIST: Advocate on Issues of Access to Data Issues of Documentation of Data Issues of Digital Preservation Slide 12 Strategic Direction-Outreach Outreach to Current and Potential Members of IASSIST and to Related Data Organizations To Foster Active Participation in IASSIST Promotion Campaign to Increase Awareness of and Membership in IASSIST Collaborations and Strategic Alliances with Related Organizations Slide 13 Strategic Direction-Education Improve and Expand the Educational Component of IASSIST both Internally and Externally Continue and Improve Professional Development and Educational Opportunities for IASSIST members Reach out to new members through IASSIST education initiatives Expand IASSIST's Educational Mission to include Advocacy Slide 14 The evolution of Data Archives Data Archives are an essential component of the road to a Global Data Service It is all about building bridges To data To people To organizations Slide 15 Building Bridges to Data Preserve data in archival format Document data using metadata standards Transform data into useful formats Negotiate access conditions for end- users Continue research about data access Slide 16 Building Bridges to Organizations Network with data producers Challenge practices that reward data hoarding or put data at risk Debate issues that act as barriers to access Promote the creation of new data archives internationally Slide 17 Building Bridges to People Take advantage of training venues for data librarians and archivists Support staff in new data archives just getting off the ground Engage in dialogue with contacts in other sciences concerned about long term access to scientific research data Slide 18 Building Bridges contd Strong data archives require well trained and confident people IASSIST is all about people We welcome more delegates to IASSIST conferences Should we try to organize an international data service seminar in Eastern Europe? Slide 19 In Conclusion IASSIST applauds the progress made by the Russian Sociological Data Archive- may you continue to grow and to prosper! IASSIST remains committed to international outreach and education There are a number of data organizations that would enjoy more contact with Russian colleagues Slide 20 Thank you very much Ernie Boyko President of IASSIST December 9, 2005