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Copyright © 2011 – 2012 by www.tpcsagip.com All Rights Reserved

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Telepreneur Corporationas compared with territorial

Telepreneur Corp.TRADITIONAL

Percentage in Every Load Transaction


1Sim – 1Network

7 Ways to Earn

No Boundaries

1 Sim – All Networks

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Php 2,500 Entry Pack

30 Activation for Seller

Marketing tools



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1. A. Direct Selling. 7% Discount as outright. B. Activation Credits for Seller

2. Sponsorship Bonus

5. Indirect Sponsor Bonus

3. Matching Bonus

4. Unilevel Bonus-- Loading-- Products

6. Leadership Bonus

7. Profit Sharing

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30 loaded to 09213215045.

Your load credit is P21.55.

Trace#: 162955 Enjoy a total of 7% Discount.

6% Discount on E-loading and

1% Discount on Load Credit

(Transfer to your Retailer)

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You have 30 Activation

Credits in your Account

thank you

You can Activate Retailer as many as you can, even yourown Family and friends , So they can sell or use as their own Personal Load or do E-Loading businessin their school or office.

You can sell each Retailer Activation for P 200.00You can get a total earning of as much as P 6,000 by just selling all the activation credits.

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You can get a BONUS for every DEALER you sponsor, the more dealers you sponsor the more chances you can get additional sponsorship bonus.

P 300.00 P 300.00

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You will receive Php700.00 in every 50pts match you have in your left and right organization.

No flushout and Unlimited Pairs / day With 5th cycle safety net




50pts 50pts



150pts 200pts

P 2,100.00

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Earn up to 7th level of your organization

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Command: JOIN act code/mobile #/name/desired user/sponsor user/placement user/group A or B

Example: JOIN 123456789012/Mobile #/Lorenzo Rellosa/Lorenz/TPC/TPC/A

send to


Globe: 09274743001 / Smart: 09289005678 / Sun: 09232444722

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Command: ACT space Mobile Number

Example: ACT 09171234567

send to


Globe: 09274743001 / Smart: 09289005678 / Sun: 09232444722

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Command: Mobile NumberspaceProduct Code

Example: 09191234567 30

send to


Globe: 09274743001 / Smart: 09289005678 / Sun: 09232444722

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Command: MCspaceLOADspaceTPCORPspacemobile numberspaceProd.Code Example: MC LOAD TPCORP 09191234567 30

send to


Note: This command is for smart network users only.

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Command: Bal

Example: Bal

send to

TPC GatewayCommand: HELPspaceYour message

Example: HELP Where can I buy kits from TPC

send to

TPC Gateway

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Command: Cfund

Example: Cfund

send to

TPC Gateway

Command: Convert space Amount

Example: Convert 200

send to

TPC GatewayCommand: Encash space Amount

Example: Encash 200

send to

TPC Gateway

Note: 2 LC will be deducted upon request

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Account Number: 1678011716 Account Name: Telepreneur Corp.

Command: HELPspaceComplete Bank Details

Example: HELPspaceDeposit 100 to BDO marikina 674 CD

send to

TPC Gateway

Smart Money Number- 5577 5193 3244 7102 Smart Money Account name: TELEPRENEURCORP

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c.s.c.s.c.s. c.s.

M.S. M.S. M.S.M.S.M.S.M.S.M.S.




Dealers 7%

Retailers 6%

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TPC CONTACT DETAILSNature of Inquiry Contact Details

Telepreneur Admin (02) 234-1618

Email Inquiries / Online Chat Support [email protected]

Text Inquiries/Follow Ups 09299-778-979