Trade Price List - Selling Price - The Sun & The Moon .125462 #Vieux Chateau Boeno 2006 HK$ 358 116997

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Champagne P.4 - 5

Sparkling Wine P.5

French WineBordeaux P.6 - 9Burgundy P.10 - 12

Chablis / Loire Valley P.13Alsace P.14

Languedoc / Vins de Pays P.15Cotes du Rhone / Cotes De Provence P.16

Spanish Wine P.17 - 18

Italian Wine P.19 - 23

Austria Wine P.24

South African Wine P.25

New Zealand Wine P.26

Australian Wine P.27 - 33

Californian Wine P.34 - 36

Chilean Wine P.37 - 38

Argentinean Wine P.39

Scotch Whisky P.40 - 41

Liqueurs P.42


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WS RP Per Bottle

125308 Drappier Carte d'Or Brut NV - 75.0cl 90 513HK$

125307 Drappier Carte d'Or Brut NV - 37.5cl 333HK$

125306 Drappier Carte d'Or Brut NV - 20cl 212HK$

125309 Drappier Carte d'Or Brut NV - 1.5L 1,161HK$

125320 Drappier Carte d'Or Brut NV - 3L 3,582HK$

125322 / 125767 Drappier Ros Brut NV 89 89 585HK$

125326 Drappier Carte d'Or Demi Sec NV 513HK$

125323 Drappier Blanc de Blancs Signature Brut NV 91 621HK$

126743 / 126743 Drappier Cuve Collection Charles de Gaulle 2004 / 06 89('06) 675HK$

125324 Drappier Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru 2000 90 860HK$

126483 / 125325 Drappier Grande Sendre Ros 2002 / 04 1,197HK$ 126485 / 127831 Drappier Millsime Exception 2002 / 04 91('02) 729HK$

* For CHAMPAGNE DRAPPIER BIG BOTTLE (6L, 12L or more), please contact us for quotation



WS RP PricePer Bottle

126303 Pierre Moncuit Cuve Hugues de Coulmet Brut NV 91 558HK$

(17/20 by Jancis Robinson)126304 Pierre Moncuit Cuve Hugues de Coulmet Brut NV - 1.5L 91 1,098HK$

125329 Pierre Moncuit Cuve Pierre Moncuit-Delos Grand Cru NV 92 603HK$

(Gold Medal at Grands Vins de France Competition in 2005 and 2007)

126305 Pierre Moncuit Cuve Pierre Moncuit-Delos Grand Cru NV - 1.5L 92 1,184HK$

125328 Pierre Moncuit Ros Grand Cru NV 675HK$

125330 Pierre Moncuit Cuve Millenaire Grand Cru 2000 91 801HK$

126306 Pierre Moncuit Cuve Nicole Moncuit "Vieille Vigne" Grand Cru 2002 1,278HK$


Based for more than one century at Mesnil-sur-Oger, in the heart of the Cotes de Blancs, Pierre Moncuit Family has shown his commitment year after year: making top quality

Champagne that replects the image of Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs, and with respect for Champagne Tradition. Pierre Moncuit, great winemaker, was convinced that his terroir was

fantastic. Helped by his wife Odile Moncuit-Delos, he started to sell his wine on the international market. Since 1977, Nicole Moncuit is taking care of the vinification and the vineyard,

conveys all her passion to each bottle like a signature.

The DRAPPIER vineyard, which extends over more than 75 hectares, represents the essential, typical and authentic nature of our cuves. Since 1808 our family has applied its expertise

in selecting parcels of land particularly well exposed to the sun and rich in limestone. They produce expressive and aromatic wines. Champagne DRAPPIER'S principal growing areas

are: Urville, Bergres,, Mareuil-Sur-Ay, Pierry and Cramant.

In an area rich in history and touristic attractions, our cellars, built by the monks of Clairvaux Abbey in the 12th century, are located only 14 kilometres from Colombey-Les-Deux-

Eglises, the resting place of Charles de Gaulle, a former customer of Maison DRAPPIER.


WS RP PricePer Bottle

126030 Jacquesson Cuve 734 729HK$ 127706 Jacquesson Cuve 734 - 1.5L 1,512HK$ 126031 Jacquesson Millesime 2000 1,355HK$ 127708 Jacquesson Millesime 2000 (wooden case) - 1.5L 2,839HK$

PriceWS RP Per Bottle

FRANCE125762 Pierre Delize Blanc de Blancs Brut N.V 117HK$

AUSTRALIA116931 Wolf Blass Red Label Chardonnay Pinot Brut N.V. 178HK$

126344 Wolf Blass Gold Label Sparkling Vintages 302HK$

112192 Tyrrells Moores Creek Sparkling Brut N.V. 130HK$

118009 Yellowglen Pink N.V. 135HK$

126476 Yellowglen Yellow N.V. 135HK$

126475 Yellowglen Pinot Noir Chardonnay 2008 184HK$

126458 Yellowglen Bella 2009 230HK$

126644 Yellowglen Cremant 2007 230HK$

126459 Yellowglen Perle 2006 302HK$

*New Blue Pyrenees Midnight Cuvee Chardonnay NV 302HK$

New Zealand126195 Oyster Bay Sparkling Brut NV 225HK$

126266 Oyster Bay Sparkling Rose 279HK$

CALIFORNIA125356 J Vineyards Sparkling "Cuvee 20" Brut NV 405HK$

( 91pts/ Wine News)


Voted the third best of allChampagneHouses (afterBollingerandKrug) in 2005 La Revue Des Vins De France,Jacquessonhas really come of age.

Based in the evocatively named town of Dizy, just to the north of Epernay, the House is run by the Chiquet brothers (cousins of our ownGaston Chiquet). The brothers are long-term

advocates of the modish philosophy ofzero dosage: this is put to the test in extremis with the equally modish move to release late disgorged cuves: the juxtaposition of minimal sugar and

extended lees ageing has produced these, some of the purest and most poised of all Champagnes, showing at their very best in magnum of course!

These are very serious Champagnes with an emphasis on minerality and complexity of fruit. The wines have significant gravitas, are good food companions and age beautifully.

BORDEAUX PriceWS RP Per Bottle

BORDEAUX - RED126347 #Chateau Le Mayne Pargade 2009 117HK$

127038/127458 Chateau Bel Air 2009/10 126HK$

125420 Chateau Grand Jean 2007 153HK$

124427 / 127005 #A de Luze - Fleur de Luze 2007/08 99HK$

126056 #A de Luze - Baron Rouge 2007 126HK$

BORDEAUX - WHITE126284 #Chateau Le Mayne Pargade 2009 117HK$

BORDEAUX SUPERIEUR125962 #Chateau Senailhac 2005 162HK$

122140 #Chateau Jourdan 2004 169HK$


GRAVES127832 / 127883 #Benjamin de Vieux Chateau Gaubert 2003 / 05 279HK$

127138 #Benjamin de Vieux Chateau Gaubert Blanc 2009 279HK$

127119 #Chateau Sylvain Raymond Blanc 2009 171HK$

127150 #Chateau Sylvain Raymond Rouge 2009 171HK$

PESSAC-LEOGNAN125460 #Chateau Mancedre "Cuvee du Roy" 2004 351HK$

124357 Chateau Carbonnieux Rouge 2004 90 758HK$

MEDOC125415 / 125416 #Comtesse de By 2005/06 189HK$

126635 #Chateau La Raze Beauvallet 2006 (Cru Bourgeois) 184HK$ 124835 Chateau Potensac 2004 (Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel) 423HK$ 125041 Chateau Potensac 2005 (Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel) 90 531HK$

HAUT-MEDOC125417 / 126214 #Chateau Blagnac 2005/06 202HK$

123527 Chateau Beaumont 2004 (Cru Bourgeois Suprieur) 342HK$ 126213 #Chateau De Malleret 2004 (Cru Bourgeois Superieur) 338HK$ 127356 #Chateau De Malleret 2004 - 0.375 L (Cru Bourgeois Superieur) 198HK$ 126221 #Chateau De Malleret 2004 - 1.5 L (Cru Bourgeois Superieur) 682HK$


PriceWS RP Per Bottle

MARGAUX126616 #Chevalier de Rauzan Gassies 2006 394HK$

127036 Chateau La Tour de Mons 2007 (Cru Bourgeois Suprieur) 473HK$

PAUILLAC125418 #Les Hauts du Carras 2005 405HK$

124418 Les Hauts de Pontet Canet 2004 594HK$

124358 Les Hauts de Pontet Canet 2003 630HK$

126617 Reserve de la Comtesse 2005 864HK$

126630 Reserve de la Comtesse 2007 612HK$

123910 Chateau Lynch Bages 2004 89 89 1,584HK$

113914 Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2003 (Premier Grand Cru Class) 94 95 8,172HK$

SAINT-JULIEN126387/127229 Chateau Lalande Borie 2007/08 571HK$

124422 Chateau Talbot 2001 90 89 1,375HK$

SAINT-ESTEPHE124003 La Dame de Montrose 2004 720HK$

127227 Chateau Tronquoy Lalande 2005 89 711HK$

127140 #Chateau Aillan 2007 279HK$


COTES-DE-BOURG126634 Chateau Guiraud Cheval Blanc 2007 133HK$

FRONSAC & CANON-FRONSAC116978 Chateau Les Trois Croix 2000 389HK$

LALANDE-DE-POMEROL125196 #Chateau de la Commanderie 2006 266HK$

127139 # Chateau de Roquebrune 2007 230HK$

POMEROL125462 #Vieux Chateau Boeno 2006 358HK$

116997 / 121161 #Chateau Plince 2002 / 03 554HK$

127605 Chateau De Sales 2006 513HK$

SAINT-EMILION127037 Chateau Canterane 2007 238HK$

126607 #Chateau Saint Lo 2008 (Grand Cru) 284HK$ 122374 #Chateau Le Prieure 2001 (Grand Cru) 637HK$ 127226 Chateau Vieux Lartigue 2006 (Grand Cru Class) 405HK$ NEW Chateau Pontet Fumet 2006 (Grand Cru) 369HK$