Tragic Deaths

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Lady Diana

Famous Unsolved Murders ADVANCED 4The princess Lady Diana

She was born

Riddlesworth Hall, NorfolkThe New School at West Heath, KentInstitut Alpin Videmanette, SwitzerlandDianas family

The wedding

St Pauls Cathedral William Arthur Philip LouisHenry Charles Albert DavidThe charity in her life

The tragic death

I Have a dream..Martin Luther King

About his life

Work as an activistThe Assassination

Conspirancy Theories

. In PeruMyriam Fefers Murder

Miriam Fefers BiographyShe was married with Marco Bracamonte.She was a successful business woman.She was 50 years old when she was murdered.She has two children, Ariel and Eva. She has many friends as enemies.

Miriam Fefers Case2006 MB, said Eva might be involved in MF crime.

2009 AT conffesed was the murder.2010He was extradited from Argentina. Both Eva and Lili were taken to the prison2011The Court sentenced to 35 years in prison.2012There is not any withdraw.The Judiciary confirmed 35 years for EB.Miriam Fefers CaseNowadays

2013Ask for the nullity of the process.She would be free and go to the new trial.She left the prison.THANKS.