Traité de Médecine des Animaux Domestiques

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<ul><li><p>68 REVIEW. </p><p>enforced against it s-ince its recurrence in 1892; and, in so far as these measures have failed, that is due to the fact that foot-and-mouth disease is contagious and infectious to a degree far exceeding wh at is observed in other diseases, either of man or of the lower animals. What specially distinguishes it in this respect is the long distances for which its virus may be carried, either in the air, or, more probably, by living or inanimate objects, without losing its vitality. </p><p>Having regard to this feature of the disease, there appears to be no prospect that it will ever be possible absolutely to prevent its reintroduction into Great Britain when it is prevalent in the adjacent part of the Continent. </p><p>Itvitw. Tr:ait~ de M~decine des Animaux Domestiques. By P. J. Cadiot. </p><p>Membre de l'Academie de Medeeine, Direeteur Honoraire de l'Eeole Nationale Veterinaire D'Alfort; G. Lesbouyries, Chef des Travaux Cliniques A L'Ecole Nationale Veterinare D'Alfort; and J. N. Ries, Veterinaire du Gouvernment du Grand-Duehe de LuxelI!bourg. Paris ~ Vigot Freres, 1925. Priee 50 fr. </p><p>FOR reasons explained in the preface, the authors had to renounee in part their original plan for the work, whieh was to aeeord the plaee of honour in it to the mieroparasitic diseases, then to deal in sueeession with the intoxieations, diseases of the blood, and nutritional diseases, and to leave to the last the eonsideration of the diseases of the systems and organs. AetuaHy, two-thirds of the whole work (968 pages) are devoted to diseases of the systems and organs, and onIy about one-tenth to the infeetious, enzootie, or epizootie diseases. The Ion gest ehapter in the book is the one that deals with the diseases of the stomaeh and the intestines, and in general the amount of spaee alloeated to eaeh subjeet is proportional to its praetieal importanee. The disorders of the organs and systems in aH the domestieated animals are brought under notiee, and etiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention are dealt with very fuHy. The work makes no pretenee to be suitable for students, but as a text - book of veterinary medieine, designed to meet the requirements of praetitioners. it ean be highIy reeommended. </p></li></ul>


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