Transforming Governance and Engaging Communities Through Collaborative MapStorytelling

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Text of Transforming Governance and Engaging Communities Through Collaborative MapStorytelling

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  • Transforming Governance and Engaging Communities Through Collaborative MapStorytelling
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  • English Social Science History Humanities Math Geography Science Engineering STEM
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  • Crowd Sourcing Story Telling
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  • MapStory is a new dimension to the global data commons which empowers people to organize what they know about the world spatially and temporally, rather than encyclopedically, the way Wikipedia already empowers us to.
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  • Temporal Social Narrative
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  • To understand the challenges of today and tomorrow, you must understand the past. We must self consciously think about change over time, and demand that all data be spatio- temporally enabled.
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  • To understand the value of the data from the crowd, you must understand its lineage and the social context of its production. We must self consciously construct a high attribution social platform that enables structured dispute resolution.
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  • To understand the world, people use more than just an ordered accumulation of facts. They tell stories. We must self consciously empower everyone to compose and spatio-temporally enable narratives.
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  • Tribes, Clans and Nomadic Peoples Villages, Towns, Cities and Slums Armed Groups Empires, Kingdoms and Dynasties Slavery, Diasporas and Remittances Wars, Battles, Treaties, and Borders Crops, Domesticated Animals and Trades Genocide, Human Rights Abuses, and Human Trafficking Hydrography, Waterways, and Transportation Energy, Natural Resource Extraction and Processing Finance, Manufacturing and Trade Biological Stress, Extinction, and Invasive Species State Failure
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  • Empowering Participation Versioned editing Temporal raster upload Enhanced narrative capabilities Continued investment in social features and on and on and on and on and on
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  • Passionate Communities 5000 years of evolving political boundaries, globally MapStory Local of many communities Historical sequences of aerial imagery and raster maps Complex humanitarian processes (e.g., LRA, human trafficking, etc.) Historical wars and battles Longitudinal gazetteer Evolving social networks and on and on and on and on and on
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  • Final Points Global data commons and the collaborative platforms that support them help unleash the dark matter of the universe represented by the global cognitive surplus that we enjoy.
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  • Change over time, in place, is the thing that can inspire future generations from every passionate information community Every information community struggles with our rich past, complex present and uncertain future. Final Points
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  • Storytelling is a preternatural human impulse, and it is inherently communal. Empowering people to tell their stories, in place and time, and making MapStorytelling a collaborative and even communal process, will empower our global community to better wrestle with our complex present and uncertain future.
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  • Tell Your Story! Christopher Tucker | | @MapStory |