TRAVEL DIARY World History Research Project TRAVEL DIARY You are going on an imaginary trip in which you will visit a foreign country. You will keep.

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  • TRAVEL DIARY World History Research Project
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  • TRAVEL DIARY You are going on an imaginary trip in which you will visit a foreign country. You will keep a diary of your trip in which you will write about what you have done or experienced on any given day. You must have 5 days of diary entries.
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  • Where in the World? You will be researching lots of different information on both the Internet and in some reading materials. You will learn fascinating facts about their culture and history. Always start with where in the world is it and how do you get there?
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  • CULTURE This is where you look up information about these people are like. How are they different from you?
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  • RELIGION You will need to discuss the common religion(s) of your country
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  • HISTORY You need to include information about 2 HISTORIC EVENTS or 2 HISTORICAL TIME PERIODS from your country.
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  • CURRENCY You must learn the type of CURRENCY and use the correct RATE of EXCHANGE.
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  • GEOGRAPHIC FEATURES Describe the different geographic features of your country.
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  • WATER BODIES On your trip you must visit 2 different TYPES of WATER BODIES in your country.
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  • GOVERNMENT Explain the type of GOVERNMENT that your country has and tell who the current LEADER is.
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  • THE WRITING ! Now you get to pretend that you are actually traveling! At the end of each of your 5 days in your country, you sit down and write in a diary all about your day. This is your chance to be really creative and have fun. Are you a millionaire or a backpacker? Maybe a spy? What was your day like? Did you meet some interesting people or have any unusual adventures? Tell it all to Dear Diary.
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  • THE GRADING There are 2 main things that Ill be looking for. 1. What did you learn about your country 2. Did you write a good story
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  • Lets Get Going!


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