Trial of SEA in project approval in Lao PDR Vivath SAUVALY, Enterprise Development Consultants Co. Ltd., Lao PDR Somphath SOUVANNAVONG, CPI, Lao PDR Akiko

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  • Trial of SEA in project approval in Lao PDRVivath SAUVALY, Enterprise Development Consultants Co. Ltd., Lao PDRSomphath SOUVANNAVONG, CPI, Lao PDR Akiko URAGO, IC Net Limited, Japan

  • Table of contents1. Project approval procedure2. Comparative Evaluation3. Absolute Evaluation4. Supporting tools5. Lessons Learned

  • 1 Project approval procedureMinistriesProvincesCPINational AssemblyApproved the budget

  • 2 Comparative Evaluation

  • 3 Absolute Evaluation

  • 4. Supporting toolsComparative EvaluationAbsolute EvaluationProgram Objective TreeProject FilingStatistic DataChronological tableMapping

  • 4-1 Program Objective Tree POT

  • 4-2 Chronological table

  • 4-3 Chronological graphs

  • 4-4 Project Filing

  • 4-5 Mapping

  • 4-6 EIA supporting tools

  • 5. Lessons LearnedSEA is not fully applied for policy, plan and programIn the future Decree and Regulation should be revised suitable for SEA

  • Thank you very much.

    ***In the first slide you can see the project approval procedure on the public investment projects. All the public investment projects proposed by line ministries and provinces are submitted to CPI for approval.After evaluation by CPI the projects are submitted to National Assembly and are approved.I could say CPI is a central organization not only dealing with project approval but also CPI plays very important role related to policy, plan and program.

    Before the project being approved all the projects need to be assessed to avoid failure. Previously in the project approval procedure CPI assessed the projects based on simple rule without considering environment, social and economic aspects.The information for assessing the projects is very limited.The previous project approved procedure proved to be unsound approach.There for currently we are trying to adapt Strategic Environment Assessment with aiming to integrate Environment as well as Economic and Social consideration into program.

    *As you can see here this is a sample of a Transport Infrastructure Program in Oudomxay Province.Left column shows the list of the projects.They can be the alternatives.Top row shows the evaluation items.*In order to evaluate each project, we prepared an evaluation check sheet. This is a sample evaluation check sheet. We made more than 10 types of evaluation check sheet for the proposal types. This is a sample of project proposal format. At first, the project owner submits project proposal like this to the CPI or DPI. After that, CPI or DPI checks the proposal by the evaluation check sheet, and fill out the sheet. *********