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  1. 1. TrilogyDefence/GovernmentSolutions KeithNortonCEOTrilogyCommunications
  2. 2. 2 Defence & Industrial Broadcast
  3. 3. 3 Triton US Navy DCGS Crew Comm - USAF Michigan EOC Distributed Common Ground System Crew Communications Collaboration between intelligence operators, pilots, and analysts Initial Operating Capability (IOC) declared Sept 2009 Multiple sites worldwide with ongoing programme development and expansion 1,300+ Mercury stations globally 24/7/365 Internal Communications System (ICS) forTriton (BAMS) Triton contract awarded to Northrop Grumman in 2008 Initial production in 2013 with program extending to 2020 and beyond 68 UAVs over the life of the contract New EmergencyOperations Center for 47 agencies Trilogy intercom capability enables quieter, more efficient operations Contracted through Hewlett Packard August 2014 for delivery in Fall 2014 Trilogy reference for Quiet EOC marketing campaign
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  7. 7. 9 Sensor Command and Control Information Exploitation MCE LRE UNCLASSIFIED DIAGRAM Northrop Grumman
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  10. 10. 12 Offers radio, and telephone interfaces offering enterprise-wide interoperability with legacy intercom systems or other 4-wire audio devices, radios of all types, civil and military, conventional telephones, (FXS, FXO, E&M), cell phones, satellite phones, SIP phones and SIP PBXs Mercury is equipped with up to 32 IP audio channels Mercury VoiceFlow supports all of the features of Mercury but offers the following benefits: Significant increase in IP channels up to 256 Reduced footprint: rack-space and power Back compatible with Mercury systems for stepwise upgrade Improved audio latency, embedded OS removes reliance onWindows Improved R&M better than 4.5 years MTBF and 30 mins MTTR VoiceFlow