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Eriksson created Leadership Program, compliant with Results based Leadership and Competitive Leadership competencies.

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  • 1. Leadership Trilogy Open WorkShop ProgramEriksson & Associates | | 2012-2013

2. Content Eriksson & Associates3 Erikssons Approach4-7 Leadership Trilogy WorkShops 8-11 Project Consultants12 Some of Our References 132 3. Eriksson & AssociatesERIKSSON & Associates is an Swiss based boutique consulting company focused on strategicand profit generated human force and leadership consulting and development services.As ERIKSSON & Associates , we support organizations, teams and individualsin challenging topics around: LTSI-Leadership Team Success Talent Assessments and Development Cross Cultural Profiling and DevelopmentLeadership & Executive Assessments and DevelopmentStrategy Based Competency Modeling and Performance leadership www.eriksson-tr.com3 4. Erikssons ApproachEriksson & Associates | | 2012 in association with 5. Our Approach: Competitive LeadershipTeam Development Areas Individual Development Areas LEADERSHIP TEAM EFFECTIVENESSS Transform & DevelopINDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP Functioning in the LeadershipTeamEriksson&Associates-2012 6. Our Approach: Competitive LeadershipThe most critical mission of a leader is to ensure the Stakeholders satisfaction by displayingCompetitive Leadership exceptional leadership qualities colloboratively with other leaders in the organization. Team Development Areas Individual Development AreasLEADERSHIP TEAM EFFECTIVENESSSTransform & DevelopIn most of the Leadership Models, there is a INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP critical missing part: they are mainly ignoring the team dynamics while focusing only on the Functioning in individual leadership competencies. Thethe Leadership Team business results are showing us that, they both are equally critical for a companys success.Competitive Leadership focuses on a leaders individual leadership competencies on one hand and the collaborative results in the leadership team on the other hand.Eriksson Leadership Programs are designed to ensure the maximum return foryour investment.Eriksson&Associates-20126 7. Our Approach: Competitive LeadershipThe best programs are designed with the combination of activities to ensure the maximum returnfor the investment . Based on the Development Theory, development for the managerial levels isachieved in three key areas: On-the-job training, project assignments,Formal training, coaching, in-class training,reading assignments, case studies, group studies,inventory and/or 360 degree assessmentfeedbacksLife Experiences, Social Responsibility ProjectAssignments,Eriksson Leadership and leadership Programs are designed to ensure the maximum return for your investment.Eriksson&Associates-2012 7 8. Leadership Trilogy WorkShopsEriksson & Associates | Istanbul 20122009 Augustin association with 9. WORK SHOP 1 INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIPSummaryThe first step on the way to success starts from yourselfIf people are the best of themselves they will be successful.Successful employees contribute to company success together withother employees.All leadership models known nowadays start with personaleffectiveness. Personal effectiveness is the 1 factor or 0 factor. Inanother words if you are not an effective person the other qualities youhave (good team leader, good executer, good strategist) would not count.Because only with personal effectiveness you can convert these qualitiesto business results.In this workshop participants will add value to their company anddevelop themselves by capitalizing the subjects dealt through samplecases and group studies.ContentSelf awareness, self knowledge, correct self assessment. Workshop Living their valuesSelf leadership, self control. Participants: Potential Managers | Target setting and how to reach these targetsLeadersSuccess orientation; enthusiasm and positive attitudeConsultants: Fuat Yaln, Burak Argun Manage the relationship, influence other people.Duration: 2 Days 10. WORK SHOP 2 EXECUTING LEADERSHIPSummaryTasks and processes could be managed but people can not. People onlyfollow the leaders who would motivate and inspire them whileproviding a full support on the way of developing them. The secondModule of the Leadership Trilogy: Executing Leadership focuses onunderstanding and motivating people as results based leader and bydoing this, achieving extraordinary results.How do Executing Leaders move the people to the results?Why do all the successful leaders follow a decision making protocoland take well calculated risks?How does Executing Leader understands the need of change andperforms a successful change leadershipContentIn the Executing Leadership workshop, emerging leaders will learn thefundamentals of execution: Workshop Team building, decision-making, accountability, and change leadership. Participants: Potential Managers |These topics will be explored through hands-on exercises, case studyillustrations, video vignettes, discussion, and a personal challenge thatLeaders participants will identify and solve throughout the day.Consultants: Fuat Yaln, Burak ArgunDuration: 2 Days 11. WORKSHOP 3 STRATEGIC TEAM LEADERSHIPSummaryHigh performing teams share common success factors independent ofthe size of the company, industry, country, and culture.These factors correlate with net profit that the team can produce.The participants will learn and experiment the Leadership TeamSuccess Index (LTSI) research; conducted in-association with Universityof Berkeley, University of Oxford and Helsinki School of Economics. Theywill understand the common factors and dynamics of the profit andresult oriented teams, how they transform their teams into moresuccessful teams, what are the leadership requirements to manage theprofit oriented teams. The workshop will be conducted with highparticipation through group case studies, open discussions, applicationof individual and team inventories, supported with audio-visualmaterial.Content Workshop In the Executing Leadership workshop, emerging leaders will learn thefundamentals of team leadership and strategy compliance: Participants: Potential Managers | Team building, decision-making, accountability, and change leadership.Leaders These topics will be explored through hands-on exercises, case studyillustrations, video vignettes, discussion, and a personal challenge thatConsultants: Fuat Yaln, Burak Argun participants will identify and solve throughout the day.Duration: 2 Days 12. Project ConsultantsFuat Yaln Burak Argun PartnerPartnerFuat Yalcin, MSc, Liverpool University, Partner of Eriksson &Burak has an MBA from Istanbul Technical University, Partner ofAssociates in Istanbul (Turkey)Eriksson & Associates in Istanbul (Turkey)His core competence is executive coaching, leadership consulting Burak is proficient in HR Consulting: HR Strategy, Competencyand coaching of leadership teams, Fuat is also Certified WopiModeling, Performance leadership, Assessment & Development.practitioner in Turkey offering Wopi based services. He is a certified LTSI practioner in Turkey offering Leadership Team Success based services.Fuat has wide leadership experience in big international Burak has wide leadership experience in big internationalcompanies in Turkey ( Elf, Merzedez-Benz, Xerox). Fuat iscompanies (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young. Arthurlecturing at the university of Baheehir in MBA and Executive Andersen., Heidrick & Struggles, Kelly Services). He is alsoMBA. Fuat has also written several books about self leadership certified trainer representing RBL Group of HR Guru Daveand self development. He also has been leading several Ulrich. He also has been leading several conferences andconferences and seminars on topics such as Customerseminars on topics around: EQ, Competency Modeling,, TeamSatisfaction, Client Relations, Success and Motivation.Leadership, Strategic HR, Leadership and Organization Development.Fuat speaks fluently German and Burak speaks fluently English 13. Some of Our References 13 14. Eriksson & Associates - Istanbul2009 August