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Trivia Time. People in China enjoy the same level of Internet freedom as North Americans. True or False?. Trivia Time. False! Chinas Government carefully monitors internet usage Techniques such as DNS blocking prevents users from accessing certain sites - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Trivia TimePeople in China enjoy the same level of Internet freedom as North Americans. True or False?

Trivia TimeFalse!Chinas Government carefully monitors internet usageTechniques such as DNS blocking prevents users from accessing certain sitesE.g. results re-directed to BaiduGovernment determines which sites are deemed prohibited

Trivia TimeThe Chinese Communist Party is the sole political party in China. True or False?

Trivia TimeFalse (But also true)8 Registered minor partiesRevolutionary Committee of the KuomintangChina Democratic LeagueChina Democratic National Construction LeagueChina Association for Promoting DemocracyChinese Peasants and Workers Democratic PartyChina Zhi Gong PartySeptember 3 SocietyTaiwan Democratic Self-Government LeagueServe as a formality, essentially run by the CCP

The Setting: PoliticalCommunist State Chinese Communist Party Founded in 1921 Marxist-Leninist foundation Centralization Conformity of ministries Eliminating opposition Ruling political party Ultimate control over state affairs and legislation

The Chinese Communist Party

The Chinese Communist PartyThe National Party CongressSupreme legislative powerMeets every 5 yearsMajor issues e.g. constitutional revisionsThe Central Committee5 year turn-over intervalsElected by NPC to carry out its mandateThe Politburo Standing CommitteeDecision and law-making bodyHighest ranking officials of government ministries

The Government3 Major bodiesPresidentState CouncilNational Peoples CongressCommunist Party is the ruling party and essentially controls at every level

The Government

The GovernmentHu JintaoPresident Head of StateFigurehead, elected by the National Peoples CongressGeneral Secretary of the Communist PartyHighest ranking officialHead of the PolitburoChairman of the Central Military Commission

The GovernmentState CouncilWen Jiabao (premier) appointed by the presidentAdministrative bodyConsists of the heads of each ministry and department

The GovernmentNational Peoples CongressWu Bangguo (Chairman)Legislative bodyRubber Stamp?Communist party is the majority, other parties make up the minorityHowever minor parties are all registered parties with the CCP

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