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  • Guitar Night Trumpets Jazz Club and Restaurant, Montclair, NJ

    Thursday, May 11, 2017. 7:00-9:30pm

    The New Jersey Guitar & Music Society partners with Trumpets Jazz Club and Restaurant to

    showcase talented New Jersey musicians- pairing young talent with some of the top

    professionals in the area!

    Rob Lange- fingerstyle guitarist Carpe Duo- voice and guitar duet with Chris Zak and Claire Tsiporukha

    Gitan Magique (Guitar Magic)- gypsy jazz quartet with David Rimelis, Larry

    Maltz, Flip Peters and Ed Fleischman

    Sponsored by

    $20.00 music charge. $10 minimum.

    Information about the event: Reservations and directions:

    N.J. Guitar & Music Society Trumpets Jazz Club and Restaurant Ph: (201) 343-6000 x2313 6 Depot Sq. Montclair, NJ

    Email: Ph: (973) 744-2600


    New Jersey Guitar and Music Society (NJGMS) is a public, non-profit 501c3 organization that promotes the education

    and appreciation of the guitar (and related plucked string instruments). NJGMS focuses on styles of classical, jazz,

    international, and traditional American music. NJGMS offers resources and activities that focus on music appreciation and

    education. The society also supports educators, offering advice and resources for school music programs. NJGMS focuses

    on musicians with a connection to the New Jersey area: