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    TruVision Mini PTZ 12X Camera User Manual

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  • TruVision Mini PTZ 12X Camera User Manual i


    Chapter 1 Product introduction 1 Product overview 1 Features 1 System requirements 3

    Chapter 2 Installation 5 Installation environment 5 Unpacking the dome camera 6 Removing the protective cover from the outdoor dome camera 7 Dome camera DIP switches 8 Setting up the dome camera 9 Setting the dome camera communication protocol 10 Setting the RS-485 communication 12 Setting the dome camera site ID 12 22-pin connector description 14 Wiring the dome camera 15 Mounting the dome camera on a ceiling 16 Mounting the dome camera on a wall 18

    Chapter 3 Menu overview 21 On-screen information 21 Main menu overview 22 Using a keypad to program menus 24

    Chapter 4 Basic setup 27 Language selection 27 Camera site ID displayed on a monitor 27 Area title displayed on a monitor 28 Area title settings 28 Preset points settings 29 Preset tour settings 30 Autopan settings 31 Shadow tour settings 32 Auto return settings 34

    Chapter 5 Advanced setup 35 Default 35 Backlight compensation 35 Focus adjustment 36 Exposure control settings 36 White balance 37 Camera settings 38 Pan/tilt settings 40

  • ii TruVision Mini PTZ 12X Camera User Manual

    Day/night (Day/night models only) 42 Alarm settings 43 Privacy mask settings 45 Time and date settings 46 Schedule settings 47

    Appendix A Specifications 49

    Appendix B Camera settings checklist 51

    Appendix C Warranty and contact information 57 Warranty information 57 Contacting support 57

    Index 59

  • TruVision Mini PTZ 12X Camera User Manual 1

    Chapter 1 Product introduction

    Product overview The TruVision Mini PTZ 12X Camera is an innovative camera designed for middle and small surveillance applications. It possesses true PTZ camera features and has a graphical programming interface for easier customization of camera settings.

    Installation of the TruVision Mini PTZ 12X Camera is simplified because it has a single cable to connect it to power, data, alarms, and video outputs. It can be integrated with various digital surveillance products, such as DVRs, control keyboards and various accessories for a total surveillance solution. The dome camera incorporates several protocols to enhance control and connectivity.

    The dome camera is ideal for all surveillance requirements in a wide variety of buildings such as hotels, department stores, intelligent buildings, amusement parks, parking lots, factories, hospitals, schools, and stations.

    Features This section describes the TruVision Mini PTZ 12X Camera features.

    Precise and accurate dome camera performance

    • High resolution 540 TV lines

    • Preset speed up to 300°/sec

    • 360° endless pan

    • Proportional pan and tilt speed

    • Preset positions / Autopan / Preset Tour / Shadow Tour

    • Auto-calibration

    • Digital/mechanical image flip (180°)

  • 0BChapter 1: Product introduction

    2 TruVision Mini PTZ 12X Camera User Manual

    Dynamic Dome applications

    • Schedule function

    • Multiple built-in protocols

    • Lightweight design for easy installation

    • Flexible indoor mountings

    • 16 privacy masks

    • 8 alarms and 1 relay

    Superior dome camera image quality

    • 12X optical zoom

    • 12X digital zoom

    • Digital auto slow shut

    • Backlight compensation

    • Auto focus

    • Auto white balance

    • Auto gain control

    • Auto iris control

    • Removable IR cut filter

    • Minimum illumination: 1 Lux, 0.2 Lux (B/W)

    • 2D / 3D video noise reduction

  • 0BChapter 1: Product introduction

    TruVision Mini PTZ 12X Camera User Manual 3

    System requirements For proper operation, adhere to the following operational, cable, and power requirements for TruVision PTZ Mini 12X cameras.

    Figure 1: Example of a system

    1. Monitor A

    2. Monitor B

    3. Control keypad

    4. DVR /Multiplxer/ Quad/ Switcher

    5. Dome camera

    6. Repeater

    Cable requirements Table 1 below lists the requirements for the cables that connect to the dome camera.

    Table 1: Recommended cable requirements

    Operation Cable requirement Max. length

    feet meters

    Data (RS-485) STP (shielded twisted-pair) cable

    Cat-5 cable recommended. If the total cable length exceeds 1219 m (4000 feet), using a repeater to maintain the signal is recommended.

    4000 1219

    Video 75 ohm coaxial cable with BNC ends 1600 486

    Alarm Cat-5 cable recommended. 1250 381

    Power 24 VAC cable. To determine the size of cable needed for individual applications, see “Power cable size and length requirements” on page 4.

  • 0BChapter 1: Product introduction

    4 TruVision Mini PTZ 12X Camera User Manual

    Power cable size and length requirements Using the proper gauge of power cable will ensure proper operation and avoid voltage drops. See Table 2 below for the recommended cable gauge for varying maximum cable lengths and power draws.

    Table 2: Recommended power cable gauges based on maximum lengths for an operating voltage of 24 VAC (±10%)

    Wire gauge Indoor dome cameras (14 W) Outdoor dome cameras (54 W)

    AWG mm (diameter)

    feet meters feet meters

    10 2.59 2061 628 534 163

    12 2.05 1294 394 335 102

    14 1.63 813 247 211 64

    16 1.29 512 156 133 41

    18 1.02 322 98 83 25

    20 0.81 203 62 53 16

    22 0.64 127 39 33 10

  • TruVision Mini PTZ 12X Camera User Manual 5

    Chapter 2 Installation

    Complete all the necessary programming before y