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  1. 1. TSA Stripped Down: ATSA Case Study Tanja Fedorenko, Megan Findakly, David Iselin, and John Spataro
  2. 2. Provide the most effective transportation security in the most efficient way as a high performing counterterrorism organization. TSA created because of 9/11 to prevent similar attacks in the future. In 2004, TSA moved to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). TSA protects: Aviation 77% Others 23% TSA Employees by Sectors Background onTSA Source: TSA
  3. 3. TSA agents allowed contraband through detection in 67/70 of tests 95% Failure Rate New TSA Administrator Confirmed What happened? Security Failures From my first day on the job, I have made it clear that we are first and foremost a security organization. TSA Administrator Neffenger Source: www.davegranlund.com/cartoons
  4. 4. Goals based on performance quantity not quality Efficiency, Most Effective, High Performing Leads to Goal Displacement TSOs goals not aligned with TSAs mission Goals often change and conflict ...check everybody, even if the line is back up to the ticket counter Key Issues: Poor Goal Setting We have to get these people through the line Efficiency and getting people through security lines cannot be our sole reason...
  5. 5. Key Issues: Performance Pay Systems PASS Performance Accountability and Standards Systems relied heavily on certification test scores TOPS Transportation Officers Performance System TSOs performance based on supervisors observations GS - General Schedule ? position appropriate grade level/promotion over years
  6. 6. Key Issues: Performance Pay Systems Goal setting will affect performance measures Not enough focus on security Emphasis on operating procedures & customer relations
  7. 7. TSO is considered an entry-level position Average starting salary for TSOs ranges from $18.0 to $20 Benefits Pay is decent for not for having a degree (Former Employee - Lead Transportation Security Officer in Fort Myers, 2015). The pay and benefits are decent than most for an entry level position (Current Employee, 2014). $0 $5 $10 $15 $20 $25 0 10 20 30 40 AverageSalary(perhourinUSD) Job Listings Average Salary for TSOs Minimum Wage Salary Average (per hour) Source: www.USAJob.com Key Issues: Compensation
  8. 8. Poor links between performance and monetary incentive Low risk and high reward we are always short staffed and those that do work, go home tired and cranky everyday, others laze the day away pretending to work (Current Employee, 2014) Key Issues: Incentives Source: http://tsanewsblog.com/14663/news/tsa- thousands-standing-around-really/
  9. 9. Goal Setting: Set one clear and consistent underlying goal Not on my watch Performance Measures Stay with TOPS/ No GS Clear definition of measure with a focus on security over soft skills Incentives Regular training/ motivation initiatives Gainsharing System Distributive Justice Manager holds monthly meetings to recognize employees Recommendations
  10. 10. Thank you
  11. 11. What are other incentives that would motivate TSOs? What is a more important goal: security or movement? Are these goals conflicting? Given those pressures, should TSA go private? Can you manage a message in this governmental industry? Questions
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