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About Sikkim(India) www.tshokatreks.simplesite.com


<p>Tshoka Treks &amp; Tours was founded by Mr. Sonam Lama - Im very happy to interduce you this fascinating Himalayan state on our Treks &amp; Tours through Sikkim you will explore Buddhist villages. Welcome you all too Mystical Kingdom of Sikkim. Until 1849 it was believed to be the highest. It is an enormous mountains mass and is located on the border of Nepal and Sikkim. It is the most easterly of the great 8,000 m. peaks of the Himalayas. The name of Kanchenjunga or Kanchendzonga is often translated as five Treasures of the great snow. A reference of the high peaks that rise from the surrounding glaciers. The origional inhabitants were the Lepchas or the raven folks who came to the area from Assam and Burma. From the 1200S the Bhutias or the Tibetan people moved into Sikkim. They included the Namgyal clan who arrived in the 1400S and gradually won policatical control over Sikkim. In 1642, Phintsok Namgyal 1604-1670 became the first chogyal (King) of Sikkim. Sikkim is the smallest 22nd state of the India, which had joint the India on 16th May 1975 and it is lying between 27 to 28 degrees North latitude and 88 to 89 degrees East longitude. Mt. Khang-chendzonga (commonly spelt as Kanchenjunga), it is the third highest mountain in the world and the magnificent attraction is the Mt Kanchandzonga (8,585 mts) it self. The name literally means the Abode of the Gods consisting of five treasure houses indicating the five peaks guardian deity of Sikkim. It is surrounded by Tibet in the North, Nepal in the west, and Bhutan in the East and West Bengal in the south.</p>