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<ul><li><p>TurnoffICSonWindowServer2008</p><p>May9,2012</p><p>Copyright2012byWorldClassCAD,LLC.AllRightsReserved.</p></li><li><p>External NICExternalNIC</p><p>To turn off Internet ConnectionSharing (ICS), we open the ExternalNIC on the Network Connectionwindow. We then click on theProperties button.Properties button.</p></li><li><p>Turn off ICSTurnoffICS</p><p>Select the Sharing tab onthe External NIC windowand uncheck the ICScheckbox. Press the OKbutton and close all thebutton and close all thewindows to save thechanges.</p></li><li><p>ICS ServicesICSServicesGo to Administrative Tools and select Services. In the Services window, we chooseInternet Connection Service (ICS).Internet Connection Service (ICS).</p></li><li><p>Disable ICSDisableICS</p><p>Change the Startup type to Disabled andpress OK.</p><p>We no w can setup the Windows 2008S f N t k Add T l tiServer for Network Address Translation.</p></li></ul>


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