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Turn off your Mobile phone. WELCOME. TO. DECO. Health & Safety Orientation. Dehvone F. Purpose. To provide employees with basic principles of health & safety in the construction industry in order to assist in the prevention of injury and illness at work. Prevent any legal prosecution. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • PurposeTo provide employees with basic principles of health & safety in the construction industry in order to assist in the prevention of injury and illness at work.Prevent any legal prosecution.Eliminate Accidents

  • DECO is committed to provide a healthy and safe work place, equipments, and environment for all company employees, subcontractors and visitors. The procedure gives guidance to this requirement by discharging basic safety rules, regulation and guidelines to be followed for all company employees.

  • DECO will ensure, so far as reasonably practicable that; Its activities are carried out safely The health of its employees, its customers and members of the public will be protected.Environmental performance will meet contemporary requirements.Its operations are run in a manner acceptable to the local communities.

  • Management Responsibilities

  • Employees ResponsibilityDuty to take care of themselves and others and report problems and hazards. Check his own tools and issued equipments to operate and comply with rules, equipments and permit restrictions. Duty to act or inform and not to omit or conceal. (Ref. The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 sec. 7)

  • Accident prevention & controlAll Deco Supervisory Staff will be responsible for prevention of accidents to personnel under this supervision. It is their responsibility to train the personnel in safety and complete the work task. (A person can only train if they have been trained). It is the responsibility of all employees to follow work procedure at all the times and report to the supervisor of any unsafe condition or practice, which are prevalent.

  • Accident incident reportingIf an accident/ incident or injury occurs please report to your supervisors and get immediate first aid. Ensure it is recorded in the accident book. This is not to blame anyone but to ensure such incidents do not happen in the future.

  • Emergency procedure & ContactsAll employees must be familiar with the company emergency procedure. It is for their own interest to be familiar with the procedure and the assembly points which they should gather in case of an emergency. This will ensure all the employees are in safe place.

  • Accidents, Near misses and dangerous occurrences, injuries, space & property damages must be reported immediately to your supervisor. It is the responsibility of all the supervisors to notify to DECO Safety representatives on site to investigate the incident thoroughly and to prepare the necessary report and ensure to complete the required formalities.

  • Outbreaks of fire can be very costly in terms of money, time and loss of lives. Clear up all the rubbish and refrain from smoking at site. (Ref: DM construction safety practice, Chapter-5, section 5.1)

  • During the past few months Dubai has seen an alarming amount of serious fires including Al Quoz Industrial area on Monday the 19th of March and the Khalid Al Attar Tower 2 building on Sheikh Zayed Road on Tuesday the 20th March, picture

  • FIRST AIDSufficient First aid points are provided at various locations of the project and control by qualified and trained first aiders. It is their responsibility to ensure that the adequate facilities are provided and contents are kept up to date (Ref: DM construction safety practice, Chapter-3,table 3.1). All injuries to be reported to first aider for necessary medical care.

  • ElectricityIn accordance with the (Ref: DM construction safety practice, Chapter-10, section10.6) all electrical system shall be listed and inspected regularly and work with electrical systems shall be carried out by competent persons under safe system of work.

  • Working at HeightManagers and supervisors are to ensure safe working platform to be provide for working at high level. If not adequate protective measures to be provided such as cherry picker, mobile scaffold, safety harness (PPE is the last resource).

  • Scaffolding / Mobile PlatformAll scaffoldings are subject to the requirement of (Ref: DM construction safety practice, Chapter-07). Company Procedure applies to all type of scaffolds and mobile tower used through out the company. Scaffold should be erected or dismantled by trained operatives.

  • Manual Handling25% of all accidents occurring in the construction industry each year involve injury sustained whilst manually lifting and handling materials or equipment. All construction and building workers involves lifting and handling to some extent. The risk of trying can be greatly needed by the knowledge and application of correct lifting and handling technique and by taking a few elementary precautions.

  • Plant & MachineriesSubject to the Inspection and relevant certification from the authorized third parties. Ensuring that only authorized and repentant personnel to operate and control.All installation, erection and operational will be subject to the risk assessment and method statement. Only trained and certified personnel can involve such activities. (Ref: DM construction safety practice, Chapter-10, section10.1)

  • Power/Industrial ToolsUse correct tools, check your own tools and store issued equipment before use. Only tools in good working condition with proper maintenance and designed from the particular task being performed will be use. (Compressed air is a powerful killer). (Ref: DM construction safety practice, Chapter-10, section10.5)

  • Portable Electrical Equipment

  • No Smoking policy Smoking is prohibited in areas where No Smoking signs are posted or any other area designated by Management. Smoking is also prohibited, DECO administrative offices and company vehicles. (Only recommendation by HSE dept.)

  • Confined SpaceAll work in confined spaces shall be regarded as high risk and shall be conducted in accordance with the provision stipulated company procedures. The site Management shall ensure that work in all confined spaces is conducted to standard not less than this procedure and specific method statement should be produced and followed. (Ref: DM construction safety practice, Chapter-11, section11.3)

  • Work PermitWhen a job has the potential of causing serious injuries or death, it is necessary to formalize agreed upon work procedures. This prevents instructions from being missed, forgotten or misinterpreted. It also serves as a checklist to ensure that all hazards, protective measures, work procedures and general requirements are reviewed with and understood by the assigned worker(s). A work permit serves as a record of the authorization and completion of specific work. The authorization must be provided by a competent person after all the necessary conditions have been met.

  • Environmental IssueControl noise at sources as well using ear plug / defenders: use appropriate respiratory mask at dust areas. Do not light fires or pollute drains with oil and diesel. Fuel, oil and chemical drums must be bounded, switch off unattended machines, lights and heats.Note: Company is committed to maintain a conscientious and responsible attitude to the environment in UAE by using all available and relevant knowledge to identify and minimize pollution risks that cut impact construction and operational activities weekly audit must be strictly followed.

  • Risk Assessment / Method StatementThese procedures are applicable for all high risk activities. All supervisors must strictly follows and assess the system. (Refer project risk assessment and method statement)

  • Personal Protective EquipmentThis is everyones responsibility to ensure that the men use correct PPE. Company provided PPE for these employees and all subcontractors are expected to follow the same standard practice. (Ref: DM construction safety practice, Chapter-4)

  • Housekeeping / TidinessAll employees are responsible to ensure this work areas are left in clean and in a safe condition. All walkways (access) must be kept clean of obstructions to remove all waste materials a duly regular basis and hazardous material spillage must be cleaned up immediately. Canteen area is to be kept tidy and waste removed on a regular basis.Housekeeping is very important on our projects, it prevent you and your work mates from having an accidents, slips, trips, and falls which are most likely to contribute to an accident.

  • Safety Signage / information PostersObserve all safety signs and posters. They are for your protection. (Ref: DM construction safety practice, Chapter-02, section2.4)

  • COSHH and MSDSSubstances that are hazardous to health are subject to the strict control. The issue and use of each substance must be recorded by the foreman. All substances with black X on an orange background are COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Substances. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) must be followed strictly and up dated and ensure this is communicated to the users.

  • Hazardous MaterialsAll hazardous materials is any solid, liquid, dust vapor gas or microorganism that may be harmful to health common substance like chemicals cleaning solvents and comments can be hazardous.

  • Competencies / Training We check competence and we may want to train you for a new job or skills. We need to know to avoid the people at risk. Session will be held from time to time and we all welcome any suggestion TBT will be held regularly.

  • Welfare FacilitiesThe procedure has been initiated to comply with DM construction safety practice, Chapter-3, section 3.2. It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the location to ensure that the requirement of this procedure is met.

  • Material StorageMaterial Storage is only permitted to the designated area by the site management and material display system to be followed.

  • Heat Stress/ Hot & Cold EnvironmentIn UAE heat stress is significant occupational problems. High temperature and humidity high thermal radiation and low air movement all combine to cause heat cramps/exhaustion or heat stroke. It is our duty to care and create an environment where operation is not subject to the conditions that cause heat stress.

  • Site TrafficSegregation of plants and pedestrian is essential. Try to implement a one way system if possible watch out for the Public. They are very impatient and unpredictable. (Ref: DM construction safety practice, Chapter-11, section11.10)

  • Muster/ Assembly PointAll employees must familiarize the evacuation plan and identified fire assembly which is one of the major part of company safety induction program

  • Disciplinary ActionDisciplinary action will be taken if any repeating safety violation is noticed.

  • Machine GuardGuards on moving machine must NOT be removed which equipment is operating and must be in place before start up. This rule applies both fixed and mobile machinery and portable equipments.

  • Safety InspectionSite safety Inspection will be conducted by Project Manager, Construction Manager. HSE Manager,Etc. And also HSE periodic inspection will be performed by site Safety representative.

  • Tool Box MeetingPeriodic tool box meeting will be conducted by supervisory staff as well as safety representative. This meeting will be held as when it is necessary.

  • Safety ProcedureThis is compulsory for all employees to familiarized, implement and follows through out the industry.

  • Drugs, Alcohol, illegal ActivitiesBeing in the influence of alcohol or drugs could lead an immediate termination of service and will be this illegal formality.

  • Other ConcernTheft is prohibited if anybody found, they will be strictly taken for legal action.Horse play or practical jokes which may endanger safety of others are prohibited.Harassment in any form, whether verbal or physical will not be tolerated in the working premises.Site Discipline is mandatory for all employees and nominated subcontractors.

  • HarassmentAny form of harassment whether verbal or physical will not be tolerated in the working premises.

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